Automated Collection of GPS History Data to Improve Fleet Reporting Efficiency

Installing GPS tracking devices in company cars enabled savings through the automation of data collection, processing and reporting

Client Profile & Challenge

A training company utilizes a fleet consisting of several cars. Coaches use the cars on a daily basis to transport their training equipment and travel to multiple training venues. Due to the fact that the company depends on some external sources of funding, it is obliged to deliver detailed fleet usage reports. Such reports feature information about when and where a given vehicle was driven, as well as a short description of a reason for a given usage.

Prior to deploying the solution developed by SoftKraft, the company personnel needed to maintain a manual record of all the car usages. The process was time consuming and prone to error. The solution delivered, consisting of GPS devices and a data center system, enabled to automate the processes of data collection and reports generation. As a result, mundane reporting tasks have been eliminated and the company employees are now free to focus on their primary responsibilities.


The solution based on a cloud platform significantly reduced the time required to produce and maintain fleet utilization reports. The back-end infrastructure combined with hardware GPS devices installed in fleet cars enables to collect and process usage data as well as to automatically generate the reports needed. Importantly, the system also provides real-time access to information about the current location of each vehicle.

Connect: GPS devices were installed in each company car. The GPS receivers have the capacity to record a routing history of each vehicle. The devices do not need to be turned-on each time the driver starts a new route - the GPS data is collected automatically whenever the vehicle engine is on.

Collect: The data collected by GPS devices is send to and stored in a private/public cloud platform deployed in a data center. The GPS-data can be synchronized with the platform either in real-time or periodically, i.e. whenever a trusted WiFi network is available. The system stores historical GPS data of all the vehicles in the company fleet.

Monitor: The solution is fitted up with web and mobile user interfaces which are used to monitor the vehicles owned by the company. The system monitoring utilities scan the streams of GPS coordinates and visualize them as marks displayed on maps. The company can, for example, easily track who was using a given vehicle at a given time.

Analyze: As the system keeps historical data for auditing and analytics purposes, those responsible for planning are well equipped to use a web user interface to run search queries against the collected data. The analytic insights gained in the process are used to optimize the utilization of company cars.


  • automated collection of GPS data
  • centralized vehicles tracking in real-time
  • automated generation of fleet utilization reports

Spring Boot
Eclipse Kura
AWS Redshift


  • personnel responsible for compiling and maintaining fleet usage reports can be reallocated to perform more productive tasks / coaches gain more time to productively focus on actual service delivery
  • management staff can easily establish the location of each and every company vehicle
  • the system analytics module ensures visibility into vehicle usage patterns which can be used to optimize operations

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