Sharing Expertise on Architecting IoT Systems for Efficient Field Device Updates

A commissioned thought-leadership white paper with actionable expertise on how to architecture efficient solutions for querying data from a fleet of distributed IoT devices

Client Profile & Challenge

CFEngine with its offering in large-scale IT infrastructure configuration and automation solutions, is a company naturally suited to provide scalable and secure solutions for high-volume data processing in IoT deployment projects. The client contacted us after our publication in the "DZone Guide to the Internet of Things 2015". CFEngine wanted to share expertise about tackling one of the major challenges in this domain, i.e., high-volume data querying in distributed IoT devices environments. The client sought a partner to share their know-how on the topic in a white paper which might be used as thought-leadership marketing collateral aimed to benefit the client’s prospects and customers. The client expected the partner to provide insights on the best possible solutions that could be used to solve the problem of field device updates in large-scale IoT implementations.


In meeting the client’s need, we produced a white paper that describes the challenges and patterns involved in the remote updates of field IoT devices as well as presents some possible architectural solutions with which to address the efficiency challenges involved. In doing so, we delivered technical specifications describing the best approaches for solving the problem of querying and collecting software inventory data from an extensive fleet of distributed IoT devices. The use cases featured focused on providing massive security updates in highly-distributed IoT systems as well as the best solutions that can be used to read metrics data from connected IoT devices in a scalable manner. On top of that, we discussed the best database technologies that could be used for projects in the domain under discussion.
All in all, the white paper enabled the client to share valuable actionable know-how on building efficient large-scale distributed IoT projects with their potential customers and thus help the client build credibility with their prospective customers through solid thought leadership in the emerging domain.


  • a publication with insights on IoT devices management at scale
  • a white paper for technical thought-leadership marketing collateral



  • building credibility in an emerging market
  • sharing expertise with prospective clients

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