Case study

SEO Agency Expired Backlinks Availability Tool

01 Adtech Saas


United Kingdom

Project Duration

2 months
2 people

Client Challenge

The client we served Atastic, a UK / London based digital marketing and SEO agency delivering services in the area of SEM, SEO, local SEO, Google Maps SEO, PPC / Pay Per Click marketing, conversion rate optimization, e-mail and social media marketing as well as advanced online presence data analytics. The client develops and implements digital marketing strategies to effectively increase website traffic for higher rankings, acquire prospects from targeted areas and thus grow their customers’ revenue.

One of the areas of service delivery is generating quality content and deploying link building solutions to drive search engine optimization ranking results. The client approached SoftKraft to help design and implement a SaaS product - ExpiredLinks - a SEO backlink-based optimisation software tool meant to enable the agency’s customers to identify strong expired and/or deleted domains available for registration, purchase the domains and use them to boost their page traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. The fully cloud based SaaS product was to be fitted up with a payment gateway to enable the agency to charge the customers according to a predefined business payment model.

Service Process

Service Process

We were to deliver the custom software development project with a dedicated full-fledged cross-functional team as well as use an agile and lean approach for the web service implementation.

Project Results

ExpiredLinks web application is a domain links management cloud tool which enables the customer to inquire domains for relevant backlinks coming from high-authority expired domains (or domains about to expire) that are available for registration and thus gain easy access to useful backlinks with which the customer can substantially improve their SEO results and build up traffic to their website(s).

The web service allows the customer to bypass the predominantly manual and very time-consuming backlinking process. With the cloud tool the customer gets in a position to quickly and easily find high-quality, high-authority backlinks connected to expired domains, buy them and use them to develop a network of valuable sites in the industry they target. The network boosts the performance of the customer’s core web assets, be it the main business website, a blog or an e-commerce site. Importantly, the system user can also review the domain and page authority (DA & PA) to avoid purchasing links to websites that are considered spammy and not likely to boost web performance.

Technology wise, the SoftKraft cross-functional team designed the architecture of the cloud system and implemented its design, front-end and back-end as well as integrated the system via APIs with external services supporting the process flow. The application is integrated with Stripe for payments, and AHREFS for broken outgoing links detection and also for DA/PA.


  • a fully cloud based SaaS product built with Python/Django, PostgreSQL
  • fast, intuitive and user friendly interface
  • integration with Stripe for payments and AHREFS for identifying broken backlinks


  • client’s solution portfolio enriched with a new powerful cloud based SEO software product to drive more revenue with current and prospective customers
  • customers’ time engagement in the process managed reduced by more than 90%
  • client’s software design and development costs incurred on an as needed basis