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  • Front-end development
  • React.js web development
  • Vue.js web development
  • Component-Based UI Development
  • Reactive User Interfaces
  • Mobile First Design

Benefits of React and Vue in Front-End Development

Accelerates Development

Using a component-based UI approach supports iterative, agile development. Components are hosted in a library from which teams can access, integrate and modify them throughout the development process.

Ensures UI/UX Consistency

The component library acts as a point of governance for the business, designers, and quality assurance teams. It can be versioned in the repository, enabling tracking of which applications are on which version of the approved UX.

Optimizes Design Process

The component-based library becomes a reference. Product managers and business analysts can reference a component as the baseline for the requirement, and then only spend time defining the required extensions and business logic.

Reuse Across Multiple Projects

A component-based UI approach allows your application architecture to stay up to date over time instead of rebuilding it from scratch. You can build multiple applications that adhere to the intended design principles.

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