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Strengthen your team
with IT staff augmentation.
Deliver software faster.

With IT staff augmentation services, our team or tech talent becomes an integral part of your team. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need.

Engage quality
tech professionals

We are driven by 15+ years of experience in IT staff augmentation and engineering software solutions.

Fast process:
CVs within 3 days

Time and cost savings - receive first CVs of our specialists and start interviewing candidates.

2-weeks trial

To get rid of any doubts, check the quality of your team with no obligation to pay with 2-weeks trial.

Hire Your Team in
Four Simple Steps

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    your needs

    Tell us your technology requirements and describe your project using our contact form.

  • 02

    Schedule meeting
    to align on goals

    No one-size-fits-all. We always create a unique team augmentation strategy.

  • 03

    your team

    Our HR and tech leaders provide you CVs. You approve each candidate who will join your team.

  • 04

    Start your project
    with remote talent

    We seal the deal with a contract and launch your remote team.

Our value proposition

Our remote-first approach allows us to attract the best talent in Central Europe and scale your team on demand.

Leverage our business-centric approach

The domain expertise gathered as well as a business-first mindset, enable us to make valuable product and business contributions for our clients. We apply technology for business results. Period. Our success is tied to the success of our clients.

Engage quality tech professionals

We are driven by 15+ years of experience in designing and engineering custom software solutions. With predominantly senior and expert staff (9+ years on average), we undertake even the most challenging and thus rewarding projects.

Gain a trusted long-term partner

We deliver quality service and products to build and sustain long-lasting relationships. More than 80% of the business we do comes from long-term engagements, repeat projects and referrals from clients we have served over the last 15 years.

  • 50+IT Professionals
  • 9yearsavg. staff experience
  • 60+happy clients
  • 10daysto launch a team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When IT staff augmentation is the best?

  • You need to reinforce your in-house team While you have in-house software developers. For some new projects, you will need current expertise. In this case, you should strengthen your IT team.
  • You are short on deadline The recruitment process takes a lot of time from job advertisement to onboarding. Hire full time employees cost much more. The staff augmentation model provides you with a quick way to hire tech talent or talents independently of the type of contract.
  • You need specific skills You need to quickly expand your in house development team by bringing in skilled engineers or technicians.
  • As a bridge for hire Short-term employment may turn into longer employee relations.

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Why choose it staff augmentation in Poland?

Software developer roles are projected to grow 21% between 2019 and 2028 and this translates into 290,000 new software development jobs in the US alone.

How hard is it for an HR agency to source applicants for a development services? If you post a software development job today you will have plenty of applicants. However, after a basic screening, you’ll be left with few viable choices and the real sense of a talent shortage.

Poland software development outsourcing services facts:

  • Poland accounts for 25% of Central Eastern Europe's offshore programmer skills.
  • Around 15,000 students with a concentration in information and communication technologies graduate from Polish universities each year. Simultaneously, around 80,000 students are studying to become software engineers. This implies that the country receives an annual tidal wave of tech talent.
  • According to the Tholons Globalization Index 2021, Poland is placed 14th among the top 20 digital nations. Additionally, according to the same index, Krakow is among the top twenty super cities in terms of digital innovation.
  • Poland is ranked among the top 30 nations for offshore services by Gartner.
  • The Polish IT market is expanding at a steady rate of between 5%-10% per year.

Hire Polish programmers with our team augmentation.

Staff Sugmentation vs. Managed Services vs. Project-based Model

  • Staff augmentation In this outsourcing model you own your project from start to end. The client takes most of the responsibility. You're hiring tech talents from an outsourcing company To strengthen the team responsible for the development projects. You have access to a talent pool of IT professionals from staff augmentation company.

  • Managed team In managed services model or dedicated team models responsibility and ownership are shared by the client and the outsourcing provider determining which responsibilities belong to whom. Your managed team operates independently of your in-house team, with an outsourced Project Manager overseeing daily operations and workflows.

  • Project-based By choosing project outsourcing, the outsourcing provider takes most of the responsibility and owns the projects from start to end. He or She completes your development projects according to your specifications.

Staff Augmentation ModelManaged Services ModelProject-Based Model
ScopeNot setEstimatedPredefined
Client Technical Expertise/LeadershipRequiredRecommendedOptional
Communication with Outsourced TeamDailyFrequentOccasional
Overlap with In-House TeamHighSomeNone
Product ManagementClientSharedClient
Task ManagementClientOutsourcing VendorOutsourcing Vendor

How to Protect Intellectual Property when Outsourcing?

While trying to save time, be more flexible, cost effective, and increase productivity through outsourcing, it is important to consider the risks to your intellectual property and take the steps necessary to protect your intellectual property. With the knowledge of the importance of the legal framework applicable to your IP, for example, you may review past outsourcing agreements and renegotiate where necessary. You may also limit server and data access to vendors. You will also strategically approach future outsourcing agreements or arrangements by asking the outsourcing vendor key questions.

If you are wondering about How to Protect Intellectual Property when Outsourcing?, the answers can be found in the article.