Cloud Migration Consulting

We plan, deliver and manage every step of your cloud migration journey

Cloud Migration Consulting
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Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Leverage our experience to architect a perfect cloud solution to suit your business needs.

Cloud Migration Planning

Migrating to the cloud requires strategic planning. We will work with your team to help them learn the best AWS practices and successfully adopt AWS cloud services.

Cloud Migration Best Practices

Leverage our cloud migration blueprints based on the Five Pillars of AWS Well-Architected framework and best practices to architect a perfect technological solution to suit your business needs.

Replatforming Applications for Cloud

We can advise you when to apply Lift And Shift strategy and when to refactor your application to leverage AWS-specific features. Assess your application cloud-readiness in line with the 12-factor app methodology. Get outline of the minimum changes required to get the application up and running in the cloud.

Cloud Application Development Services

Build applications faster than ever before with cloud-native development technologies and philosophies–including DevOps, Platform as a Service, microservices and containers–which collectively supercharge the impact technology has on your business.

From Monolith to Microservices

The monolith-to-microservices restructuring is performed as incremental refactoring of legacy applications and adding new microservices to the existing application. We advise which AWS workloads (EC2, ECS, Spot, Fargate, Lambda, etc) are the most performance and cost effective for your organization.

Serverless Application Development

Serverless allows you to run application without provisioning or managing servers, you just need to pay for the compute time your application use. Choosing the right balance between serverless Lambda, Spot and EC2 is the key for a cost effective compute cloud strategy.

Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Automate infrastructure and cloud configuration management to deliver greater system confidence, less risk and more time for your team. We can help you to choose the right cloud migration solutions for your cloud infrastructure (Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation, etc).

CI/CD Pipelines Configuration

Whether it is Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, Concourse or any other tool - CI/CD solution is a nervous system of the IT behind your business. Our DevOps engineers will set up and configure a deployment pipeline with an optimal test suite aligned with your company’s value stream map.

Why choose our Cloud Migration Consulting Services?

We are Battle-Hardened Experts

We help startups and SMEs unlock the full potential of cloud. We understand when particular cloud solutions work best and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Time and Cost Savings

We have cloud experts at competitive rates who are ready to work on cloud migration project to lower your AWS cloud TCO.

Clearly Defined Delivery Process

A well-defined delivery plan with clear milestones & success metrics will help you avoid big bang releases.

Optimised Server Usage

Pay as you go & scale resources according to your actual business needs.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Seamless migration with a cloud migration strategy, the right processes and effective migration tools.

Manage vendor lock-in

Cloud usage makes it easier to manage vendor lock-in and replace service providers as needed.

Client Value & Trust

We partner with entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders to bring their innovative software-driven products, processes, and business ventures to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving a company’s digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications either partially, or wholly, to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or other cloud providers.

Cloud computing has become an essential part of any organization, regardless of size or workload. It provides cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reliable IT resources. Rather than maintaining their own private data centers, companies can use cloud storage to create storage as needed, increasing agility and lowering the total cost of ownership.

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

For companies that undertake the process of cloud migrations, the cloud can have a massive impact. Cloud migrations benefits include:

Enhanced Security

The cloud consists of networks, servers, and software solutions that must be configured and maintained securely by following the “shared responsibility” model. This means you are responsible for your part in cloud security. Never the less, your cloud solutions providers like AWS, GCP and Azure, take part of their “shared responsibility” and provide cloud solitions with security in mind.

High availability and reliability

By moving to cloud-based solutions, organization gains the ability to scale up or down your cloud infrastructure in response to business needs. On top of that, your cloud services are not affected by the failure of a few physical components or operational support.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud environment is almost data-loss resistant because cloud architecture makes it easy to store copies of data in multiple locations. With cloud migration businesses can easily and quickly access their data from the cloud without losing business continuity and productivity.

Cost savings

According to Datometry's survey of 166 IT executives, 61% of companies are moving their computing to the cloud to reduce costs. VMWare, a provider of cloud computing solutions, estimates that large organizations can save between 40%-50% of their traditional IT operating costs by transferring their in-house data center facilities to a public cloud service provider.

How does the cloud migration process work?

Cloud migration process can be a transformative shift for your entire business, so it’s wise to begin by taking an end-to-end look at the cloud journey. This will help to confirm which capabilities and activities will bring most business value.


This phrase helps you create a foundation for your cloud strategy that returns ongoing measurable business value, connecting your business goals and business outcomes to enabling technologies, and helping you with smooth transition during your cloud migration initiatives.


Digital transformation workshop delivered by experienced consultants that will result in an executable roadmap. This phrase helps you determine what business benefits cloud adoption can bring to your organization, understand how key stakeholders needs, and establish business goals clarity to guide your organization's change management during the cloud journey.


Deploy the new cloud environment with proven methodologies and cloud migration solutions. Test cloud services it for its functionality, operational efficiency and scalability.