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From Day 1, we prioritize delivering value, not just features. Our teams of software developers, designers, and product leaders will help you scale your software development and build a great SaaS application faster.

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Ux Design

SaaS Product Design

With our specialized SaaS product design services, you can be confident that your application will be developed with the utmost precision, efficiency, and quality.

Software Development

SaaS Application Development

Modern technologies, lean processes and experienced Engineering Managers enable us to consistently deliver powerful SaaS solutions quickly, bug-free and within budget!


SaaS Modernization & Optimization

SaaS companies rely on us to upgrade their existing SaaS products, optimizing for exceptional customer experience and providing new feature releases quickly.


Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We take care of the ongoing maintenance and support that is required for the life of your SaaS product, giving you the peace of mind product post-launch.

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Why Choose Our SaaS Application Development Services?

Battle-Hardened Experts

We are a customer-centric software development company with a track record of helping teams achieve success with our strategic SaaS platform development services.

Time and Cost Savings

Hire SaaS platform development experts at competitive rates who are ready to build SaaS solutions and help you launch fast and speed up your return on investment.

Leverage our Business-Centric Approach

Work with engineers who understand the need for bottom-line results. Spend your development money carefully so you can deliver results faster.

Data Engineering Expertise

Leverage our expertise at every stage of the process: strategic business assessment, software planning, custom software development, and after-launch support.

Client Value & Trust

We partner with entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders to bring their innovative software-driven products, processes, and business ventures to life.

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Piotr Majer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your SaaS application development process?

  1. Initial Discovery, Research & Estimation We listen to understand what you want to build, what features your product should have, and what bottom-line results you want.

  2. Workshops & Planning The results-driven design thinking approach we use at SoftKraft is a catalyst for the iterative software product development process. It combines the best software product development methodologies. Get ready for an intense design workshop that will clarify your business idea and help us build a much better product.

  3. Development Sprints Software development life-cycle is a structured and repetitive process that is divided into smaller parts - sprints. Each iteration covers a part of the project scope that is deliverable in a short and controllable period of time. Following agile methodology best practices, each sprint ends with a demo of a working part of the product, which opens user acceptance testing.

  4. Stabilisation & Release Process Software development is a complex process that needs a stabilization phrase. During this stage, we focus on perfecting every area that makes the final product meet the business agility goals. When the stabilization stage is over and we have positive user feedback from the first users we can deploy the first version into the production environment

  5. Support & Aftercare After successful product development we can continue to provide support. We can monitor the performance and we are ready to fix all the issues based on the SLA or a different arrangement.

Depending on the client and project needs, we set the rules for support and technical improvements. We set the error handling rules, issues priorities, time of our reaction, and the amount of time of our developers that we should book monthly without sacrificing product quality.

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What SaaS development technologies do you specialize in?

Our SaaS development company specializes in a variety of modern technologies including Python, React, and Next.js. Additionally, we can help reduce the time required to develop SaaS applications by utilizing technologies such as SaaS boilerplates, PaaS, and deployment automation tools.

  • Python is a versatile programming language we use for back-end development. It works exceptionally well when developing APIs and SaaS web applications.
  • React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It enables us to compose complex UIs from small, reusable components that can be shared across projects.
  • Next.js is a framework for server-rendered React applications. It provides us with a powerful toolset for building fully featured web apps with performance and scalability in mind.
  • Gatsby is a static site generator that utilizes React. With Gatsby, we can quickly create static sites with rich data integrations and modern tooling.
  • SaaS Boilerplates are web application templates that have been specifically designed for use with software as a service (SaaS) products.Some examples include SaaS Pegasus and Jumpstart Pro.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a type of cloud computing service that provides a platform for developers to deploy applications. Some examples of PaaS vendors are Heroku, AppHarbor, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Google App Engine.
  • Deployment Automation Tools are used to automate the application delivery process of a SaaS app. Examples include tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, Github Actions, or Amazon Code Deploy, which can automate the process of packaging, deploying and configuring your application.

After we learn more about your project, we’d be happy to provide you details on the specific technologies we would recommend contact us!

What are the best technologies for SaaS application development?

An experienced SaaS product development company will be able to advise you on the right technologies for your project. The type of SaaS software you’re building, your budget, and the timeline you have will have an impact on what the right technologies are.

Some common technologies include:

  • SaaS Boilerplates Some startups and SMEs opt to use a SaaS boilerplate to speed up development. A SaaS boilerplate is a web application template that has been specifically designed for use with software as a service (SaaS) products. SaaS boilerplates typically include everything that is needed to launch a complete SaaS website, including all the necessary pages, graphics, and functionality.

    You can use a SaaS template to create a SaaS application by first choosing a SaaS template that best aligns with your business goals. Some examples include SaaS Pegasus and Jumpstart Pro.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) PaaS, or Platform as a Service, is a type of cloud computing service that provides a platform for developers to deploy applications. Utilizing a PaaS for deployment can help to substantially simplify the work required by the SaaS development team. Some examples of PaaS vendors are Heroku, AppHarbor, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Google App Engine.

  • Deployment Automation Tools There are many ways to automate the application delivery process of a SaaS app. One way is to use a tool like Jenkins, CircleCI, Github Actions, or Amazon Code Deploy, which can automate the process of packaging, deploying and configuring your application.

How do you manage a SaaS development project’s scope, budget and timeline?

At SoftKraft we deliver Software Product Development Services and we apply Agile Outsourcing techniques, with its emphasis on collaboration. Scope, budget, and timeline are at the heart of project management. We highly recommended starting SaaS application development services with:

1. Approximate estimations based on your goals You will obtain an initial figure that will represent the total estimated cost for the project. This estimation is built on information from the sponsor regarding the expectations and requirements for the SaaS solution. Here we have to include target users, purpose, and what issue or problem it is intended to solve.

2. Product discovery workshop This event should mark the start of every project request. In this event, you have to gather the whole development team, including scrum masters and project owners, and review the business idea and the details of the future product. By doing this, the team can better identify the required work and budget.

The agile approach makes budget management a shared responsibility. The Product Owner manages the backlog, the sponsor agrees on the budget, and the team delivers the backlog and spends or manages the sprint budget within agreed constraints.

The final step consists of planning a timeline of the stages you will go throughout the project. You have to break down the tasks that must be completed and connect them to your budget and dedicated team to obtain an initial estimate of the project timeline.

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How to make your SaaS application stand out from the crowd?

Thousands of new SaaS products are hitting the market every year. You need to be very strategic to ensure your SaaS product will stand out. While well-executed development services can help you build a great product, first and foremost you need to ensure you have a strong business model that has been well researched and thought through.

A great place to start is to think about the design of your SaaS application. Great SaaS design requires prioritizing user experience above all else, implementing industry-standard design rules, and embracing a mentality of iterative design.

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How much do your SaaS development services cost?

Our SaaS development services cost is based on the size and complexity of the project. Our team of experienced SaaS developers offers custom solutions tailored to fit the needs of each project. We can offer our services on a fixed-price basis only for smaller projects, after a precise estimation. Generally, we offer hourly rates for projects requiring flexibility or with changing requirements. We understand that each project is unique and we strive to provide the best quality service at an affordable price.

We’d be happy to provide you a quote based on your specific project requirements - Contact Us

How quickly can you build my SaaS product?

We understand that speed is a key factor in the SaaS development process. Depending on the project scope and complexity, our experienced SaaS development team can deliver a product from concept to market-ready in 3-6 months.

With our proven development methodology and experienced team, we can deliver a finished product faster than most development teams in the industry. Additionally, we are committed to staying within budget, with the goal of delivering maximum value in the shortest amount of time.