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From Day 1, we prioritize delivering value, not just features. Our team of top software developers, designers, and product leaders will help you plan your custom web development and build great web apps faster.

Custom Web Application Development can help you with

Ux Design

Planning and UX / UI Design

No matter the complexity, we will provide you with comprehensive planning and UX/UI design services to help you bring your web app vision to life.

Software Development

Web App Development

Our team will help you evaluate your business goals and requirements, select the most optimal tech stack, and forge a robust custom web application.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture Planning

We understand that you need access to the right data at the right time. Our data architecture planning will help you to maximize the value of your data and help build secure and efficient solutions.


Third-Party Integrations

Integrations, you can easily extend your web app functionality. From simple API integrations to embedded data analytics modules - let us help you take your web application to the next level!

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Why Choose Our Custom Web App Development Services?

Battle-Hardened Experts

We are customer-centric developers with a track record of helping startups achieve success with strategic custom web application development services.

Time and Cost Savings

Hire developers at competitive rates who are ready to build custom web apps to suit your unique business challenges. We’ll help you launch fast, so you can speed up your ROI.

Leverage our Business-Centric Approach

Work with web app developers who understand the need for bottom-line results. Spend your development money carefully so you can deliver results faster.

End-to-End Development Expertise

Leverage our expertise at every stage of the process: strategic business assessment, software planning, custom development, and after-launch support.

We have an unwavering commitment to security and quality assurance

By implementing ISO 27001 and other certifications, we ensure that our software development services are secure, reliable, and compliant with the highest industry standards.

TUV ISO 27001 Certificate
TUV ISO 22301 Certificate
ISTQB Certificate
AWS SysOps Certificate
AWS Solutions Certificate

Our Commitments to You

  • Comprehensive Security

    You can trust that your data is safe and secure with our ISO 27001 certification and best practices in security and data protection.

  • High-Quality Assurance

    You get piece-of-mind with our QA processes that adhere to the highest standards for delivering enterprise-grade software products.

  • Expertise and Flexibility

    You can count on us to quickly adjust to changes in your project needs and provide engineering talent with the required skills.

Client Value & Trust

We partner with entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders to bring their innovative software-driven products, processes, and business ventures to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your process for developing custom web applications?

At SoftKraft we are dedicated to creating custom web applications that deliver real business value. We start every new partnership with an initial discovery, research, and estimation phase to ensure all project requirements are clearly understood, then we move on to a planning phase, and then into well-managed front-end development sprints.

You can expect our web app development process to follow these steps:

  1. Initial discovery, research & estimation We listen to understand what you want to build, what features your product should have, and what bottom-line results you want.

  2. Workshops & planning The results-driven design thinking approach we use at SoftKraft is a catalyst for the iterative web app development process. It combines the best software development methodologies. Get ready for an intense design workshop that will clarify your business idea and help us build a much better web application.

  3. Development sprints Software development life-cycle is a structured and repetitive process that is divided into smaller parts - sprints. Each iteration covers a part of the project scope that is deliverable in a short and controllable period of time. Following agile methodology best practices, each sprint ends with a demo of a working part of the product by our development team, which then opens user acceptance testing.

  4. Stabilization & release process Custom web app development is a complex process that needs a stabilization phrase. During this stage, we focus on perfecting every area that makes the final product meet the business agility goals. When the stabilization stage is over and we have positive user feedback from the first users we can deploy the first version of the custom web app into the production environment.

  5. Support & aftercare After successful custom web application development we can continue to provide support. We can monitor the performance, and we are ready to fix all the issues based on the SLA or a different arrangement.

Depending on the client and project needs, we set the rules for support and technical improvements. We set the error handling rules, issues priorities, time of our reaction, and the amount of time of our developers that we should book monthly without sacrificing product quality.

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How do you handle data architecture planning?

Data architecture planning is a key step in custom web app development.. It involves understanding the data requirements of the application, evaluating existing data structures and designing an architecture that is secure, efficient, and effective.

When it comes to data architecture planning, we first evaluate the data requirements of the custom web application. This includes understanding the types of data that will be used, the structure of the data, and the relationships between different data elements. We then evaluate existing data structures and determine if they are suitable for the application. If they are not suitable, we then design an architecture that meets the requirements of the application.

When designing an architecture, we consider different factors such as scalability, security, maintainability, and performance. We use proven design patterns and best practices to ensure that the architecture is secure and efficient. We also take into account the specific needs of the custom web application and use appropriate data technologies to ensure that the application performs optimally.

We also consider the different ways that data can be stored, retrieved, and managed. This includes determining when data should be fetched from a database, when it should be cached, and when it should be stored in a file system. We then design the data architecture to ensure that data is stored and accessed by the custom web application in the most efficient way.

How do you handle integration with third-party services?

Integrating with third-party services is a key part of custom web application development. It's important to ensure that the integration is done properly and that the data is secure.

Our web app development company follows a comprehensive approach to integration with third-party services. We start by assessing the needs of the client and their requirements for the integration. We then review the third-party service documentation and API to ensure that everything is compatible and secure.

Once we have assessed the integration requirements and have determined that the third-party service is compatible, we then create a test environment. We build the integration in a separate non-production account filled with realistic data. This allows us to test and validate the integration process and make sure that it meets the client's requirements.

Finally, once the integration has been tested, and we are satisfied that it is secure and resilient, we deploy it to the production environment. We also monitor the integration and make any necessary adjustments so that it continues to meet the client's needs.

We understand the importance of integration with third-party services and take every step possible to ensure that the process is successful. By taking the time to assess the requirements and develop robust and resilient code, we are able to provide reliable and secure integrations for our clients.

How long does the custom web application development process take?

The development process for web apps can take anywhere from a few weeks to 24 months. It really depends on the complexity of the web application that needs to be built, or in the case of an integration project, the complexity of the integration work. To give you a better idea, here are a few examples:

Simple data integration project will take about 2 to 4 weeks. Our development team tracks their time worked using 3rd party work-logging applications. To streamline project billing, we have built a custom application in less than 1 week using Active Admin and implementing two API integrations. It connects the data and allows us to issue error-free invoices to all clients faster. It was later extended to have more functionality.

And a complex custom web application project will take anywhere from 4 to 24 months - see example here

What are your costs for custom web application development?

The cost for web development projects are based on an hourly rate. Depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the rate may vary. Our software engineers and designers are experienced in web application development and can help you create the perfect solution for your needs.

We provide our clients with comprehensive and detailed cost estimates, as well as regular updates on the progress of the project. We also have extensive experience in project management and can provide our clients with the budgeting and management tools they need to keep their project on track. We believe in transparency and value for money. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solution for their needs.

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide our clients with the best custom web apps that are tailored to their needs and budget. We are committed to providing our clients with a cost-effective solution that meets their technical and business requirements.

We’d be happy to provide you with a detailed project estimate. Contact us to get an estimate today!

What technologies do you use for web application development?

As Softkraft, we embrace modern software technologies to ensure your application will be built to last. For many custom web application development projects, we utilize Django, which is an open source development framework that is based in Python, which makes it easy to work with and maintain long term.

Python is a popular programming language that offers enhanced process control capabilities. The diverse application of the Python language is a result of the combination of features that give this language an edge over others:

  • Code Simplicity Python is a favorite among software developers for its strong emphasis on readability and efficiency. It is widely applied in software development in data science and web development.
  • Rapid Development Python lets you build more functionality with fewer lines of code. This made it popular with startups and enterprises. Django is a web application framework that takes care of many of the standard functionalities to build secure and maintainable Python web applications.
  • Widely Used in Enterprises Python has grown to become one of the top languages in the current tech landscape. Tech giants like Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, or Spotify have all trusted Python.

No other languages on the technology market give so much cost-efficient competitive advantage in enterprise web development services. Python allows cross-platform development, web apps development, statistical analysis, data manipulation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to name a few development solutions.

For the frontend, we use mostly React and Vue.js that provide the following benefits for your future web app:

  • Faster Development Using a component-based UI approach supports iterative, agile development. Components are hosted in a library from which teams can access, integrate and modify them throughout the development process.
  • User Interface Consistency The component library acts as a point of governance for the business, designers, and quality assurance teams. It can be versioned in the repository, enabling tracking of which applications are on which version of the approved user interface.
  • Reuse Across Projects A component-based UI approach allows your application architecture to stay up to date over time instead of rebuilding it from scratch. You can build multiple applications that adhere to the intended design principles.

How do you manage web development project’s scope, budget and timeline?

At SoftKraft we deliver Software Product Development Services, and we apply Agile Outsourcing techniques, with its emphasis on collaboration. In our custom web application development company, scope, budget, and timeline are at the heart of project management. We highly recommended starting web application development services with:

1. Approximate estimations based on your goals You will obtain an initial figure that will represent the total estimated cost for the project. This estimation is built on information from the sponsor regarding the expectations and requirements for the web app. Here we have to include target users, purpose, and what issue or problem it is intended to solve.

2. Product discovery workshop This event should mark the start of every project request. In this event, you have to gather the whole development team, including scrum masters and project owners, and review the business idea and the details of the future product. By doing this, the team can better identify the required work and budget required to build the web applications.

The agile approach makes budget management a shared responsibility. The Product Owner manages the backlog, the sponsor agrees on the budget, and the team delivers the backlog and spends or manages the sprint budget within agreed constraints.

The final step consists of planning a timeline of the stages you will go throughout the project. We will break down the tasks that must be completed and connect them to your budget and dedicated team to obtain an initial estimate of the project timeline.

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Why work with a full-service custom web app development company?

Anyone that has been through the process of developing a custom software solution will tell you that your business partners matter. The web application development company you choose perhaps matters more than any business decision you’ll make during this process.

Developing custom web apps is not simple. Custom software development is complex and requires strategic business-minded thinking and highly skilled technical experts to deliver a quality result.

For these reasons, we highly recommend you work with a full-service enterprise web development company who knows your industry and has a track record of delivering robust and reliable custom web applications.

At SoftKraft we provide Software Product Development Services. We take project ownership and responsibility for decisions that were taken during the development. Success of the project is the only metric that really matters to us.

  • Engage quality tech professionals
    15+ years of experience in engineering custom software solutions for startups and SMEs.

  • Results-driven design thinking
    Design Workshops to clarify your business idea and build a much better product faster.

  • Business-minded engineering
    Work with engineers who understand the need for bottom-line results from tech initiatives.

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