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Golang Development Services

Golang was created to solve performance problems. It is especially useful for projects that involve distributed networks, IoT, cloud services, and other complex back-end technologies where you can leverage lightweight alternative web frameworks.

Golang Web Application Development

Take advantage of fast, secure and easy-to-scale Golang web development for your web projects. Bring your most complex software ideas to life with our Golang development company.

Building Microservices with Golang

Leverage our strong technical expertise on cloud technologies and cloud architectural patterns such as API services, containerization, microservices and serverless Golang.

Benefits of Golang Development

Rapid Development

Golang has the speed of a compiled language and the feel of an interpreted language. Golang is fast to learn, develop in and run.

Code Simplicity

Golang is simple, down-to-earth without many redundant abstractions which allows putting the code maintainability at the top.

Runtime Performance

Golang was created with cloud computing in mind. It leverages concurrency and parallelism provided by modern hardware.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Golang best used for?

Golang is particularly good for:

  • Any type of API using REST, GraphQL or gRPC
  • Any server-side services, including pub/sub servers and clients, caching mechanisms, integration layers
  • DevOps: for writing update scripts, server maintenance software, batch processing etc
  • Fast and Portable Command Line Tools

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Why do Go developers tend to have good expertise in DevOps?

Many modern cloud tools are written in Go: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform. That makes Go developers versatile members of the team that can work not only on backend applications but can also go deeper and work on the infrastructure level.

How difficult is it to bring up junior Go developer up to speed?

Golang has been designed with simplicity with mind and one of its desing goals was that even new grads could easily learn, see Golang FAQ. To get new developer up to speed in a short period of time, see our article on How to become a Golang developer: 10 steps career path