Case study

Web Application for HubSpot Partners' Client Onboarding

Design, implementation, and data engineering of marketing campaigns builder web app using Django and React

01 Hubspot Client Onboarding


Bryant Works
United States

Project Duration

3 months
5 people

Client Challenge

The client - Chris Bryant - is a certified HubSpot expert and champion, who has worked under his brand Bryant Works to help over 500 businesses optimize their revenue operations, marketing automation, and web design. He has 28 HubSpot certifications and a track record of delivering results for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, such as Anthropic, Sequoia Capital, Hello Fresh, and Techstars.

Bryant Works was looking for a vendor to rebuild an existing no-code web application that helps HubSpot partners onboard their clients. The client was looking to increase the stability of the existing web application and add new features that would enhance the user experience.

The web application allows partners to purchase a package (quantity-based), import data from Hubspot, and transmit it individually or in batches to their clients. In this way, partners can communicate with their clients more effectively and efficiently, which in turn leads to increased sales and improved business relationships.

Service Process

Service Process

The development team adhered to our commitment to quality and followed our standard working processes. A few highlights of our service delivery for this project include:

New Web Application Development: We designed and developed a new web application based on the client's no-code solution. The application included features such as templates, workflows, emails, forms, lists, reports, deal pipelines, deal stages, and properties. These components were carefully implemented to ensure seamless data transmission and enhanced communication between partners and clients.

Frontend Design and Implementation: Our team created a visually appealing and user-friendly design that aligned with the client's brand guidelines. Through our expertise in frontend development, we implemented the design and ensured its responsiveness across different devices and screen sizes. This resulted in an intuitive user interface that facilitated smooth navigation and an enhanced experience for the users.

Data Engineering & DevOps: The project involved implementing full HubSpot API integration and building a data processing pipeline with SoftKraft's data engineering expert and DevOps consultant to ensure smooth and reliable data migrations for the end users.

Application UI Designs

Project Results

We delivered a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive web application built on top of the Django Cookiecutter SaaS template that provided a user signup and a secure payment module.

The end users, Hubspot partners, can connect their HubSpot accounts to create and edit templates. Those templates in turn help them to quickly and easily create customized experiences for their clients.

The admin panel allows the Client to not only manage the accounts and features available to the Hubspot partners but also to monitor HubSpot API migration tasks.


  • user-friendly web app for seamless data transmission
  • admin panel for managing user accounts, payments, and monitoring HubSpot API migration tasks


  • increased Client's revenue with the productization of service
  • increasing HubSpot partners efficiency and productivity
  • reduced time required to add templates to client CRMs