Case study

E-Commerce Sales Flow Software Solution

Implementing a python application and integrating it with the merchant’s PixelPoint POS software in a network of stores to improve sales results and business financial performance

Pressed Juicery Thumb


Software Innovation Labs
United States

Project Duration

3 months
2 people

Client Challenge

The service was delivered to the US-based Software Innovation Labs - a consortium organization who serve software building clients with a broad spectrum of technical and domain expertise for even the most complex software development projects. The client who needed to further develop their software solution was PressedJuicery - a company active in the processing, production and distribution of premium juices. The client intended to implement a new sales flow process, which was to be supported with an existing legacy python / flask application.

We were challenged to work on a system without documentation, test coverage or even access to the team who worked on the software before. The sales flow was intended to allow for orders to be printed in near-real-time at the selected store terminals, whereby the customer orders and pays for the products online and later collects the products themselves from the store facilities. The solution was to be integrated with the PixelPoint POS software application to support the new sales flow process.

The primary client’s goal was to implement a software solution which would help drive sales through a new sales channel as well as offer the client’s customers a convenient option to purchase the products offered.

Service Process

Service Process

At its core, the sales-flow software solution delivered is a new python application built atop the existing legacy system. The approach enabled the client to implement and run the new sales flow process in a reliable and secure way. The sales application is comprehensively covered with unit tests and operates independently from the legacy system codebase; still the added functionality runs in the same context of one and the same software system.

As regards integrations, the application was integrated with PixelPoint POS. We chose to implement the integration by creating a dedicated EOI Agent for the latter. The EOI Agent is installed in every store operated with the software system. The agent exposes a secure API which enables the customer to check for stock status and place the order. Technically, the python application communicates with the software agent installed in the selected store to conduct order placement.

Project Results

With the solution in place the customer is now free to order and pay for the products offered online and later collect the products at the store terminal, avoiding the hassle of shopping and queuing in the store. The order placed by the customer online is sent directly to the store terminal for execution upon the customer arrival. The client using the software solution is in a better position to drive their sales with a new sales flow channel.


  • python application to support a new sales flow process
  • integration and compatibility with PixelPoint POS
  • geo querying for identifying stores


  • new channel for the company to drive sales with
  • a more convenient way to order and purchase the products for the client’s customers