Case study

Small Hotels Online Booking Software Solution

Designing, building and deploying a Ruby on Rails, React.js, Gatsby and Contentful to deliver small hotels online booking solution.

03 Small Hotel Booking Software


TMC Group
United States

Project Duration

18+ months
6 people

Client Challenge

TMC Group - is an investor in multiple real estate development projects in the hospitality domain. The client manages a number of companies and operates under some such brands as BODE and Drift, whereby they set up and manage best in class apartment facilities and lodgings offered for rent to travelling communities, groups and individuals.

Service Process

Service Process

The processes involved in the operations of the businesses rest on a suite of integrated back-end software solutions as well as customer-facing websites, e.g. Sidebarnash, Chattanooga, Nashville or Neighborhoodporch. SoftKraft has been engaged to deliver services on a number of software development and integration projects.

High Fidelity Design in Figma

Project Results

Besides websites, we worked on one of the major projects aimed to customise an existing Property Management System and integrate it with external systems to support the functionalities and data flows specific for the client’s business model. The centralised application integrates such external systems as: RemoteLock, HotSos, TrackHS, Revinate, DojoMojo, Allbridge and other platforms like Facebook and Google (for accounts management), Twilio, Stripe and Shopify.

Most projects have been implemented with the following technology stack: RubyOnRails, ReactJS, Vuexy, Netlify, AWS, Heroku, PostgreSQL, Redis, Gatsby and Contentful.


  • centralised software application integrating datastreams from external systems
  • configuration panel for data management
  • administration dashboard for staff managing guests with core stats, booking information, filtering and search functions, reporting with exports to CSV & PDF, communication panel
  • user-focused, responsive interface design


  • custom software infrastructure supporting client-specific business model
  • streamlined business operations maximising occupancy and revenue
  • cost savings enabled by software supported online functions, e.g. remote locks management
  • substantially improved guest experience