Case study

BI Tool for More Efficient Decision Making in Real Estate Investment Projects

Installing Big Data-enabled BI Tool in company IT infrastructure allowed analysts to interactively examine business data in near real time as well as equipped them to make faster and better investment decisions

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TMC America Group
United States

Project Duration

3 months
2 people

Client Challenge

The client, TMC America Group, is a rental property enterprise located in California. Their market analysts use BI tools to query statistical data against specific patterns to drive their property investment decisions. The existing off-the-shelf BI tools used by the client failed to work fast enough with the data volumes processed by the company; the data processing became very inefficient and had a significant negative impact on the analysts’ comfort of work and productivity. The client was looking for an alternative to the BI tools that would enable fast and scalable data processing and analysis and thus ensure efficient performance of the operations involved.

Service Process

Service Process

The first step was to interview stakeholders in order to understand what information they need in order to make decisions. Once we had a good understanding of their requirements, we could begin to design the BI analytics solution. In order to ensure that the BI analytics solution is effective, we conducted tests with real data. This allowed us to identify any issues and make sure that the solution is able to meet the needs of the stakeholders.

Project Results

We delivered an interactive dashboard that enables the client’s analysts to execute queries against the data stored in a real estate database belonging to the client. The tool allows the staff to perform interactive queries and visualize the results obtained in a user-friendly human-readable format.

The Business Intelligence (BI) solution implemented is capable of working on the client’s current big data sets as well as equips the client to handle the scaling of the operations in the future.


  • efficient BI tool to drive fast decisions
  • web-based user-friendly dashboard
  • pluggable data sources


  • reduced interactive query execution time
  • faster decision making
  • visualised data insights