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Our team of specialists help business and technology leaders elevate their brand, optimize business processes, and achieve maximum ROI by delivering robust, custom software solutions.

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Our expert engineering team is made up of consists of dedicated professionals who are committed to personal and professional growth.

Collaboration breeds excellence

At SoftKraft, we value collaboration and personal and professional growth. Join the team of like-minded technology professionals who empower one another, share ideas and knowledge, and achieve collective goals in a supportive and dynamic work environment.

Clear communication and flawless execution

Our company values effective communication between teams and clients to avoid mistakes, save time, and increase project efficiency. We also provide regular 1-on-1 meetings with leaders to understand each employee's goals and challenges.

Empower to thrive

We follow the principle of Extreme Ownership, where everyone takes full responsibility for their actions and what happens around them. The company strives for a culture where each employee enthusiastically carries out projects and makes decisions that are best for them.

  • 16 years of experience
  • 50+ IT Professionals
  • 100% remote work
  • 12 global Clients

Soft Kraft provides you with opportunities to fulfill your professional aspirations

Our team of over 50 individuals specializes in software development and collaborates with international partners on unique projects. Our office is located in the delight city of Bielsko-Biała. The city's surroundings are full of inspiration, and its beautiful landscapes and rich culture allow us to work efficiently and develop creative solutions.

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Recruitment Process

  • 01

    Tech screening
    with team-leads

    You will receive an e-mail with an invitation to the first stage of the interview — tech screening (online). The candidate arranges an interview with our leader, who will assess his technical skills.

  • 02

    Short conversation with
    the Head of Service Delivery

    The second stage interview will be with our Head of Service Delivery. During this brief conversation, we will get to know you better and gather other necessary information such as your financial expectations.

  • 03

    Signing a contract
    and commencing cooperation

    If you are a good fit for our team, we will put together an offer and send over a contract for your review. Once signed, we will officially welcome you to our team and begin the onboarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a dedicated project team structure?

When you engage a dedicated development team, you're hiring an independently dedicated software team of engineers to take care of your project. As a result, a dedicated development team requires a comprehensive structure capable of completing the project in accordance with your specifications and in response to your comments. To do so, these groups normally contain crucial players who will see the project through to completion. These are some of them:

  • Frontend engineers: These experts code and test user interface elements and functionality, and are in charge of building the "visible" part of the project.
  • Backend engineers: These are the professionals in charge of everything that occurs behind the scenes. In other words, they concentrate on the development of the inner logic and background elements.
  • QA engineers: These individuals are in charge of the overall quality of the process. They not only verify that the product is bug-free, but also that the techniques utilized to create it are of the highest quality.
  • UX/UI designers are in charge of making sure the user experience is intuitive, straightforward, and enjoyable.
  • DevOps engineers: Professionals who collaborate with the team's developers to better coordinate development, operations, and testing.
  • Business analysts: They act as a link between the IT team and the business, assessing processes, establishing requirements, and providing executive recommendations and reports.
  • Project managers: They are the development team's leaders, and they are in charge of initiating, planning, designing, executing, and monitoring the entire development process.

Softkraft customizes our dedicated development team to meet your specific business objectives, therefore this structure may vary depending on your project. However, our core purpose remains the same: to assemble the ideal team to deliver the digital solution you require.

Staff Augmentation vs. Dedicated Team

Learn more: Software Development Outsourcing Models

ScopeNot setEstimated
Client Technical Expertise/LeadershipRequireRecommended
Communication with Outsourced TeamDailyFrequent
Overlap with In-house TeamHighSome
Product ManagerClientShared
Task ManagementClientOutsourcing Vendor

Why hire dedicated software development team in Poland?

Software developer roles are projected to grow 21% between 2019 and 2028 and this translates into 290,000 new software development jobs in the US alone.

How hard is it for an HR agency to source applicants for a development services? If you post a software development job today you will have plenty of applicants. However, after a basic screening, you’ll be left with few viable choices and the real sense of a talent shortage.

Poland software development outsourcing services facts:

  • Poland accounts for 25% of Central Eastern Europe's offshore programmer skills.
  • Around 15,000 students with a concentration in information and communication technologies graduate from Polish universities each year. Simultaneously, around 80,000 students are studying to become software engineers. This implies that the country receives an annual tidal wave of tech talent.
  • According to the Tholons Globalization Index 2021, Poland is placed 14th among the top 20 digital nations. Additionally, according to the same index, Krakow is among the top twenty super cities in terms of digital innovation.
  • Poland is ranked among the top 30 nations for offshore services by Gartner.
  • The Polish IT market is expanding at a steady rate of between 5%-10% per year.

How to Protect Intellectual Property when Outsourcing?

Having understood the nature of IP risks that arise from software development, we will discuss six steps to protect your IP when you hire dedicated developers.

  1. Do your due diligence
  2. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  3. Use the legal framework applicable to IP in your country
  4. Draft a comprehensive Master Service Agreement
  5. Inquire about the processes of a potential partner
  6. Limit server and data access

Find more in our article: How to Protect Intellectual Property when Outsourcing?

When should you hire dedicated software developers?

Hiring skilled developers in-house is a time-consuming process that costs money in terms of time, effort, and overhead. As a result, many offshore software development companies opt to hire dedicated offshore developers.

A dedicated development team model can be beneficial in a variety of situations such as:

When you need to fill talent gaps in your team with experts with particular skills. It’s possible that a company’s in-house development team lacks the necessary skills and experience for a given project. Dedicated developers come into play at this point. Hiring dedicated developers with wide and strong expertise in technology allows businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies. For example, you have mobile app development company and qualified team, but you need specialists in that field to provide app to your clients. A position such as project manager can also be outsourced.

When you need to quickly respond to immediate development needs that are over your capacity. To save the company from increasing costs due to the immediate development needs, you can reduce schedule and expense variances by hiring dedicated developers from any other nation with reduced labor expenses. You only need to pay the developers a set salary for the hours they work. Furthermore, because remote developers provide flexibility to the project, you can successfully handle any changes in project needs.

When you want to decrease your operational costs. For this reason, the necessity for remote developers grows, given that the vendor overtakes all HR-, administrative-, and infrastructure-related responsibilities, as well as the risks that come with team, scaling.