Which companies use Ant Design?

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Which companies use Ant Design?

Ant Design aims to uniform the user interface specs and reduce redundancies and excessive production costs, helping product designers to focus on a better user experience.

antd React library that is used by over 185.000 users, and its worlds second most popular React UI. In this article, we have gathered a list of companies using Ant Design and with screenshots and videos presenting their applications.

Companies using Ant Design

Yuque - Knowledge Management System


Professional cloud knowledge base - For individuals and teams, provide unique knowledge management and create easy and smooth work collaboration.

Yuque 2

Shipyard - Data Processing Platform


Shipyard is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that removes complexity and increases visibility of automation efforts. It empowers Data Teams to focus on launching, monitoring, and scaling their business solutions instead of infrastructure.

Shipyard 2

Tuya Smart - IoT platform


Tuya Smart is a global IoT platform that enables smart home products to come to life for brands, OEMs, manufacturers, and retail chains.

Fielda - Field Work Management


A field service software that combines intuitive activity management with customizable workflows to enhance your productivity and save both time and effort.

Fielda 2

Bimsync - BIM collaboration and Project Management


Bimsync is an open BIM collaboration and project management SaaS platform. Bimsync allows all stakeholders in a construction project (project management, architects, engineers, BIM manager, contracting authority, even clients, etc.) to collaborate together on a single tool for increased efficiency and a reduction of costs and energy impact. The Bimsync platform connects data, tools, and people to each other throughout all phases of a building’s life cycle.

Bimsync 2

Moment - Project Management and Resource Planning


Moment is one of Norway's leading providers of cloud based administration systems for project based businesses. Our customers use Moment for time registration, project planning, resource allocation, and invoicing. Over 250 Nordic architecture firms manage their projects and resources in Moment.

Moment 2

Videsk - Video Contact Center


Plug&Play Video Contact Center Communicate face to face with your clients digitally implementing Videsk in less than 15 minutes.

Lemonbase - HR / Talent Management Platform


Lemonbase creates software services that transform the experience of members working in the company through technology. You can efficiently conduct and manage 360-degree evaluations. You can exchange 1:1 feedback from time to time. Helping individuals and organizations achieve performance through goal management.

Solvvy - Chatbot and Automation Platform


Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot combines fast, accurate answers with custom no-code workflows and advanced analytics – giving you full control over your customer support automation strategy.

Solvvy 2