Kafka Consulting Services for Fintech Platform Scalability

Providing consulting services to boost stability and efficiency of data storage and processing in a Kafka cluster

Client Profile & Challenge

The Paysolut company is a London-based provider of a white-label modular banking and payments platform for fintech and traditional banking organizations. Paysolut clients are enabled to deploy either the complete platform or to select specific functional modules to plug into their existing core system within weeks rather than months. In this way the clients reduce their time to market and avoid expensive and time consuming upfront development investments. With very limited or no software development work they can deploy new payment functionalities at speed and at scale, implement integrations, configure them to satisfy their specific requirements, and launch new banking products. Technically the solution encompasses mobile and web applications as well as backend systems. SoftKraft has been approached to provide consulting services geared towards Kafka cluster stabilisation, as well as the related data storage and processing optimization.


Having won the engagement to deliver the service our expert consultant and cloud architect reviewed the existing Kafka cluster configuration and crafted a preliminary service roadmap with the key objectives in mind. Based on the review he has crafted and deployed some best practices to the client’s applications and produced some recommendations for the optimization of the storage strategy for the Kafka cluster. On top of that Kafka storage infrastructure has been automated to ensure greater efficiency. Last but not least, schema management was applied to the data processed via Kafka, i.e. ad hoc data management was migrated to schema-based data management.


  • Kafka cluster best practices for stabilization
  • Scalable data storage strategy for Kafka cluster
  • Storage infrastructure automation
  • Schema-based data management implementation



  • Improved stability of Kafka cluster
  • More efficient and scalable data storage
  • More reliable and efficient data processing

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