Migration of a legacy on-premise server tooling kit into cloud-based serverless services

Using AWS, Lambda and Terraform to migrate from on-premise server tooling solution into AWS serverless tooling kit to take advantage of dynamic cloud services and an elastic serverless pricing model

Client Profile & Challenge

Acrolinx came to life at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and has been developed by the world's leading AI experts in Natural Language Processing. The company provides an AI-powered platform for enterprise content governance. Their customers use the solution to deliver consistent strategy-aligned content at scale, across multiple teams, projects, and locations. Following a three-stage process, the customers:

  1. Define specific content guidelines to fit their goals by leveraging existing style and terminology guidelines and by running existing content through the Acrolinx engine and then adjusting the initially generated guidelines;

  2. Create content aligned with the guidelines; Acrolinx uses AI technology that enables content contributors to shorten their editorial process with automation - content contributors can create or optimize their existing content with a Sidebar offering real-time feedback and suggestions along which to fix issues and improve the text;

  3. Track and analyze the quality and performance of their content for optimization.

The platform enables customers to increase the impact of their content by creating engaging, readable, consistent, and compliant content in an efficient and cost-effective way at scale. Some brands using the Acrolinx product are: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, Volvo, Scania, Boeing, Siemens.

The existing Acrolinx deployment model was originally developed for on-premise systems. When migrating customers to the cloud, Acrolinx needed to lay the foundation for a cloud based deployment environment.


The project undertaken for the client covered the migration of a legacy server tooling - which was executed in an on-premise model - into an AWS serverless tooling kit. The project was implemented with a view to taking advantage of the dynamic nature of AWS cloud services as well as to enable the client’s customers to benefit from the elastic serverless pricing model.

From a technical perspective, Terraform was used to automate the process of deploying the existing tooling into a cloud environment. AWS Lambda was used to enable the dynamic provisioning of resources. Owing to AWS Lambda, Acrolinx customers are able to pay only for the processing power used during the deployment and maintenance of the activities involved. The client’s customers are now in a position to benefit from the flexible on-demand pricing schemes. On top of that, the project has helped to significantly simplify the provisioning of deployment tooling for new customers when the latter onboard the system.


  • serverless deployment model of server configuration tooling
  • migration to AWS environment
  • on-demand configuration of new customer environments



  • cost savings for the client’s end customers
  • reduced time to deploy new customer onboarding installations
  • more reliable systems infrastructure

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