eLearning online tutoring platform software for K–12 schools

Designing, building and deploying a Python/Django and React.js web application to enable the collaboration of a community of tutors, students, their parents and schools

Client Profile & Challenge

We designed and implemented the software platform for Hey Noggin, Inc. - a US-based client. They intended to build a multi-sided web service which would enable the provision of online tutoring services to individual students by private tutors. Additionally, the system was to support the workflows involving schools, school teachers and parents.

With a view to improving student performance, Hey Noggin provides students with one-on-one online tutoring in real-time. The platform provides parents, schools and school teachers with visibility into students’ performance and helps to improve students grades and graduation rates through directed tutoring.

The client approached us with a well-crafted project specification of roles and goals. We worked collaboratively with their Product Owner to sequence the work, specify an MVP, and develop more detailed specs to be used for system implementation.


The HeyNoggin eLearning platform was implemented on the basis of the specifications delivered by and further developed together with the client. Students enter the system and participate in video sessions under their ID and collaborate with the tutors they choose to work with in online conferencing sessions. The latter are recorded and stored for retrieval and review by the student.

Tutors join the community in a referral-based process, submitting a set of documents for verification. Hey Noggin administrative staff can access recordings for disputes, process any disputed sessions, manage accounts, billing, refunds and incidents reported by users, send email/sms notifications as well as generate and review reports and platform metrics.


  • web application built with Python / Django and React.js
  • multiple functionalities supporting students, and tutors
  • video conferencing using BigBlueButton
  • student sign in with ClassLink

Video Conferencing


  • students provided with a platform on which to learn with tutors during just-in-time video tutoring sessions
  • tutors enabled to make additional income teaching online in their area of expertise
  • parents, schools and teachers with a tool and service to improve their students academic performance

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