Case study

SaaS to Analyze Procurement Processes for Emissions Impact

Building a SaaS product that leverages AI/ML to analyze procurement processes for Scope 3 emissions impact

01 Kloopify



Project Duration

12 months+
4 people

Client Challenge

The client - Kloopify - offers the fastest, highest quality way to understand the sustainability impact of business procurement activity. In less than a week, Kloopify enables a procurement team to take action and lower emissions. Leveraging AI to analyze impact data, Kloopify extends the analysis by integrating supplier-specific data and mapping it back to transactions.

The challenge layed in transforming this concept into a functional SaaS product MVP. This required implementation of a comprehensive software solution designed to integrate sustainability into procurement practices seamlessly.

Service Process

Service Process

The SoftKraft team embarked on the project with two developers, and later scaled the team to four developers.

The development team adhered to our commitment to quality and followed our standard working processes. This approach ensured clear and consistent communication with the Kloopify team throughout the project lifecycle.

Communication is mainly based on two channels - a shared Slack channel where all developers can express their questions, concerns, and objections and Google Meet where we host Scrum ceremonies.

Application UI Designs

Project Results

An intense development process culminated in the successful launch of a SaaS product that met all initial project scope requirements, such as:

  • Streamlined Importation and Data Analytics: The platform offers methods for effortlessly importing client transactional data and applying advanced data analytics tools to process and interpret this data effectively. The system then presents data insights through visually engaging graphical representations.
  • Centralized Management of Supplier, Transaction, and Product Information: The platform allows the management of supplier details and transaction records. This provides users with quick access to relevant data, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Goal Tracking and Addition of Custom Data: Our team implemented features enabling users to set, monitor, and track sustainability goals seamlessly within the platform. Additionally, we incorporated functionalities allowing for the inclusion of custom data tailored to specific client needs, further enhancing the platform's adaptability.
  • Automated Questionnaire Distribution: The system automates the distribution of questionnaires to stakeholders, enabling streamlined communication and data collection. This facilitates the gathering of crucial information and feedback vital to sustainable procurement practices. By combining these functionalities within the SaaS solution, our platform aims to empower businesses to align their procurement processes with sustainable practices efficiently and effectively.


  • User-friendly web app for seamless data imports
  • Data visualization tools that display estimated procurement processes' impact on emissions
  • Admin panel to manage the mapping of translation data to environmental impact data


  • Procurement leaders can quickly integrate sustainability data into their supplier evolution process
  • Businesses can capture the impact of emissions reductions. Platform analyzes every purchased item at a SKU level and applies the highest quality impact data.

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