Automated Bank Report Formats Processing for Time and Workload Savings and Greater Process Reliability

An enterprise-ready application to automate the processes of banking reports conversion and validation enabled to execute the procedures involved faster with less workload and fewer errors

Client Profile & Challenge

Our client - a BI Consultancy from California - engaged us to implement a software solution for their FinTech client. The client personnel needed to convert BAI files) to CSV format files manually. The manual process was very time consuming, especially when large transaction batches had to be processed. On top of that, the manual conversion was error prone and required subsequent manual verification by additional personnel. All the manual tasks involved were very mundane if not daunting and distressing, especially when particularly large files required to be processed.

The client expected the service provider to design and implement an application that would enable the FinTech company personnel to move from the hand-made conversion procedure to a fully-automated process, i.e. with fully-automated verification and validation of input and output files. The solution was also meant to be scaled to handle large data sets.


We designed and developed an enterprise-ready application that enabled the client to move from a handmade BAI file conversion to a fully-automated process that encompassed conversion itself, as well as the verification and validation of both input and output files. The software application enabled to fully automate the processes involved and thus reduced both the time needed to conduct the procedure as well as the number of errors generated in the process - the latter can now be executed much faster and in a more reliable manner.
The solution deployed can automatically adjust to handle the formats of a few public banks and can easily be modified to handle other banks’ formats if such a need arises in the future. What is more, the tool developed enabled to create a binary version of the converter that can be installed on workstations without access to the internet; the files can thus be processed in an offline mode if need be. Importantly, the automated processes can be scaled to handle large data sets.
Last but not least, a mundane or even frustrating manual procedure has been eliminated and the company employees are now free to focus on other higher-value tasks.


  • BAI files conversion to CSV, including offline conversion, i.e. without access to the internet
  • automated input and output files verification and validation
  • unified CSV export of balance reporting
  • processing balance report formats from different banks



  • substantially decreased time for file conversion, verification and validation
  • substantial reduction / elimination of errors in the processes involved
  • personnel responsible for the manual tasks reallocated to perform more productive and/or more rewarding tasks
  • flexibility to easily handle formats from different banks

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