How to Hire Dedicated Developers: Offshore Talent Step-by-Step

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How to Hire Dedicated Developers: Offshore Talent Step-by-Step

The need for offshore dedicated developers to take over work has skyrocketed when people and businesses began to hire talented developers for their very challenging software development projects.

Today, practically every company and organization wants to hire dedicated programmers since it allows them to get their entire task done without having to worry about the salaries, paybacks, reimbursements, and other commitments that come with hiring full-time in-house developers.

Offshore team augmentation partners take a significant portion of the risk associated with recruiting, training, and building developers' experience. You are able to meet with hand-picked developers, which helps you choose the best developers in a short time.

When should you hire dedicated developers?

Hiring skilled developers in-house is a time-consuming process that costs money in terms of time, effort, and overhead. As a result, many offshore software development companies opt to hire dedicated offshore developers.

A dedicated development team can be beneficial in a variety of situations such as:

When you need to fill talent gaps in your team with experts with particular skills.

It's possible that a company's in-house development team lacks the necessary skills and experience for a given project. Dedicated developers come into play at this point. Hiring dedicated developers with wide and strong expertise in technology allows businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies. For example, you have mobile app development company and qualified team, but you need specialists in that field to provide app to your clients.

When you need to quickly respond to development workload over your capacity.

To save the company from increasing costs due to the immediate development needs, you can reduce schedule and expense variances by hiring dedicated developers from any other nation with reduced labor expenses. You only need to pay the developers a set salary for the hours they work. Furthermore, because remote developers provide flexibility to the project, you can successfully handle any changes in project needs.

When you want to decrease your operational costs.

For this reason, the necessity for remote developers grows, given that the vendor overtakes all HR-, administrative-, and infrastructure-related responsibilities, as well as the risks that come with team, scaling.

Hiring dedicated developers models

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation team model is the hiring model in which the client company receives a fully functional dedicated company with dedicated programmers. This group will function as an extension of the client's main team, focusing solely on their initiatives. Dedicated developer of the client's core team would be present in the dedicated development team to improve the effectiveness and communication of the entire team.

In this model, the vendor supplies all of the necessary technology, software, and office infrastructure to get the office up and running. This saves clients' money on overhead and the costs of establishing a new office.

The Client company is fully involved and has complete control. The dedicated team likewise follows the core team's corporate culture, policies, and processes. They follow the same regulations as the rest of the company's core personnel and blend in seamlessly. This allows them to cultivate crucial interpersonal ties, camaraderie, and collaboration abilities in order to achieve greater results.

The extended team is not project-based and does not stop when the project is completed. It's a continuous collaboration between your core team and your offshore team.

An extended team is meant to supplement rather than replace in-house personnel. The essential competency, both business and technical, is on-shore in this situation, while the extension team functions offshore, filling the skill gaps in your core employees.

When is Staff Augmentation best?

  • You need reinforce your in-house team While you have in-house software developers. For some new projects you will need current expertise. In this case you should strengthen your IT team.

  • You are short on deadline The recruitment process takes a lot of time from job advertisement to onboarding. Staff augmentation model provides you the quick way to hiring extra developers independently of type of contract.

  • You need specific skills You need to quickly expand your team by bringing in skilled engineers or technicians.

  • As a bridge for hire Short-term employment may turn into longer employee relations.

Managed Team

This software development outsourcing model gives you access to a team of highly skilled developers. In this model, you and your outsourcing partner share ownership of, and responsibility for, project direction and deliverables. It's a cross between staff augmentation and a completely outsourced solution.

As with staff augmentation, your managed team is dedicated entirely to you and your project. Your managed team operates independently of your in-house team, with an outsourced Project Manager overseeing daily operations and workflows. While the managed team operates autonomously, your outsourced Project Manager reports to and meets with your in-house Project Manager / Product Owner on a regular basis. Typically, these teams are cross-functional. Whatever the requirements of your project, competent outsourcing software development providers will be able to customize the structure of your team to achieve the best results.

The managed team model is unusual in that both you and your outsourced partner share risk and responsibility for the final outputs.

From the start, you and the managed team will agree on the scope, roles, deliverables (e.g., deliverables), timeframes, and service-level agreements. Your in-house Project Manager / Product Owner is active throughout the software development process, assisting in the direction and decision-making of the product. This involves maintaining consistent communication with your outsourced Project Manager.

When is Dedicated Team best?

Many projects benefit from the dedicated team model's are flexibility and scalability. You shouldn't think of it as a one-size-fits-all solution, though. Dedicated teams are the most effective in the following situations:

  • Long-term projects on broadscale and unpredictable changes. When dealing with a one-time tech project, hiring an in-house team is not justified.
  • When your team is already working on other development projects and can't focus on one more project.
  • When your in-house team lacks the necessary experience and/or expertise to complete the project.
  • When you still want to be a decision-maker and development your products vision, but most activities can be done without you

Project-based Model

Project-based outsourcing is when your development partner oversees and manages the whole software development process based on your specifications.

The most conventional and hands-off of the three outsourcing models is project-based outsourcing. You give over the requirements to your outsourcing partner.

Your outsourcing partner will handle the whole development process, delivering the finished product to your requirements and on schedule.

Even if you have the least amount of control with project-based outsourcing, your in-house Project Manager/Product Owner will keep in touch with your outsourced partner. The frequency of these contacts is determined by your project and your outsourcing partner.

When is project-based outsourcing best?

  • When you have a project that is not your main product. Project-based outsourcing is fit for businesses of all sizes, although it works best for initiatives that are not core products.

  • When you have limited in-house development capabilities. Because the outsourcing provider owns the responsibility and development process, a project-based approach is suitable for firms with limited engineering/IT expertise. Businesses of all sizes may create unique software development products by outsourcing development to an expert software outsourcing firm.

  • Simple projects have pre-determined needs that are unlikely to change. A project-based outsourcing company can complete these tasks without your input.

  • When you need a product created quickly and efficiently - without the burden of management. Again, project-based outsourcing works best for customers that know exactly what they want. You may successfully hand off your project and relieve yourself of the strain of management.

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Outsourcing Provider

How to hire a dedicated developer in 5 steps

Hiring, training, and infrastructure expenditures are all eliminated when you hire dedicated remote developers. All you have to do now is evaluate your concept, hire the best engineers, and finish the job.

However, due to the ever-increasing demand for IT services, it is difficult to find the suitable IT personnel. (Especially if you're short on both time and cash).

If you don't hire the right developers, you risk damaging your company's brand. As a result, make sure to follow the guidelines outlined below to choose the best remote software developers.

Clarify your expectation

To determine this, evaluate your company goals, identify the required skills, qualifications, and expertise needed to bring that goal to life, and how a developer may assist you in developing it.

Once you've decided what your company needs are and how you want your expectations met, you'll be able to attract developers who are more enthusiastic about working with your company.

Find vendors for review process

Certain countries will be more suited than others depending on your language, geography, and budget. For example, if your organization is based in Europe and you need a great English-speaking crew, Eastern European developers are the ideal option.

Surfing the websites of IT businesses may yield some results. However, there's a good chance you won't discover certain things while conducting such research. You should request a portfolio from developers if you want to learn more about their expertise. Brochures or information packs will be provided by vendor companies.

Reviewing case studies will assist you in determining which companies are the most promising. Your decision could be based on how close your idea is to a project that the company has already produced, or something else entirely. In any case, you'll need to compile a list of suppliers you like.

Now that you've narrowed down your choice of companies, it's time to compare them. The best way to do that is to research customer reviews. Because they allow consumers to express their true feelings about the company's advantages and disadvantages.

However, you should be aware that anonymous evaluations could be deceptive. As a result, attempt to approach them with skepticism.

Vendors review and selection

When employing dedicated developers from an outsourcing vendor, there are a few more critical factors to consider in addition to technology competence and hourly rates:

  • Effective communication processes

    The quality service of a vendor is heavily influenced by its well-established processes and communication in the local market. The better the company's communication process and reputation, the more popular it is as a place to work, and the more talented and experienced engineers it can attract.

  • Domain knowledge and expertise

    Expertise in technology, tools, and programming languages is necessary to create a decent product, but it is never enough to create a great one. Examine the vendor's website, case studies, and client testimonials to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your business and can provide you with proven expertise.

  • Technical capacity

    Hiring a vendor who adheres to internationally recognized standards, best management practices, and efficient procedures will result in higher-quality outcomes. Consider certificates, acknowledgments, and appraisals like ISO and CMMI when weighing your selections.

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Conduct personal interviews

And this is when candidate personal interviews come into play. Whether in person or over the phone, make sure to assess not only the candidates' technical skills and expertise, but also their personal and professional characteristics.

Because you're essentially inviting new people to work for you, you need to ensure that the dedicated developers you're recruiting have the correct attitude for the project and the personality to work well with your in-house team.

After all, you are the one who most understands the types of people who would naturally fit into your team.

Onboarding and integration

A professional vendor will surely assist you in organizing the onboarding process so that you may integrate your new hire into your existing team as quickly as possible.

But here's what you can do to help the process go even more smoothly:

  • To minimize any surprises or misunderstandings, lay out all of your expectations for your new hires.

  • Provide a list of tools and all essential access for your new developers' work ahead of time; Prepare step-by-step instructions on how to set up your development environment.

  • Set up a team meeting to welcome your new dedicated developers and explain their duties and duties on the project to their in-house colleagues.

  • Make sure your new team members are up to date on the project's status. Make sure they understand the goals and have access to all current documents.

Operational aspects of hiring dedicated developers

Aside from the obvious benefits, you should be aware of certain key characteristics of this collaboration paradigm which include:

Use NDA to protect intellectual property

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a crucial and legally binding agreement between two parties that describes confidential resources, information, or other details that they desire to share with each other for certain purposes but not with any other third parties.

Hiring dedicated developers involves that you ask the hired developers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. It means that all data and information obtained will be kept private at all costs.

Hire experienced dedicated developers

In its most basic form, the outsourcing company's job is to identify, hire, and onboard a client's remote development team at their office. They will handle all administrative and legal issues for the developers, including recruitment, payroll, taxes, sick days, and benefits.

You can manage your remote developers using whatever methods and tools you choose, and you can visit them whenever you want, while your outsourcing company handles all of the administrative details.

Communicate workloging and reporting requirements

When it comes to remote team collaboration, the two most typical issues are time difference and language barrier. Despite the fact that English is still the most widely spoken language in the IT business, the majority of the hired dedicated developers might not be native English speakers.

Familiarize the dedicated developer crew with your company's communication tools and practices. To minimize misunderstandings and unneeded annoyance, define what type of information should be delivered through which channel and how long it may take the in-house team to respond to emails.

4 mistakes to avoid while hiring dedicated developers

Price over Value

Numerous entrepreneurs connect hurriedly with an offshore dedicated team that provides quality service at a reduced cost. They will pay the price later. You will find a plethora of dedicated developers for the lowest prices possible, but make certain that you want to continue working with them. Do you want a generic website/web app that goes undetected by your users, or do you want to make a difference?

Rather than producing a pointless application, you should focus on developing a dependable, productive, and functional solution - regardless of the development cost. Additionally, all of the money you invest in recruiting will be repaid to you in the form of an ROI.

While you will have set a budget for your upcoming project idea, keep in mind that low-cost development can end up costing you in the long run. Therefore, while hiring a dedicated development team for your project, keep the value in mind rather than the price.

Committing More Than Necessary

When you hire a development team, you want to make sure your company's goals are met. Things and items that you don't share with anyone slow down your progress.

You want to save time by hiring good engineers from all over the world and putting your efforts back on your goal. Then, how can your team do the same? It's important that you communicate well with the people you hire in order to make a good product in a short amount of time. Locate an expert who can help you see your ideas in action. Choose companies that offer design sprints and workshops on how to make things. When you use this method, you can make and test a prototype in just five days.

People who use staff augmentation should not have to meet any minimums on the number of developers they work with or sign long-term contracts. You should only hire the people you need. Not every service will have that. If you sign a contract with some people, you may have to pay more for help than you need. To avoid this, figure out how much help your company needs and for how long.

An augmentation service company can help you do more precise math, but it will give you a general idea of what to expect. if what a company says isn't what you expected, talk to them about why you're not happy. You never know what the other person sees, but their answer should be better than "That's the least you can hire."

Thinking you don't need a project manager

Thinking you don't need a project manager It is common for startups or businesses with little experience with building a software development team to overlook the importance of having a figure in charge of the communication process between the programming team and the customer. Typically, a project manager is responsible for validating the process and assigning responsibilities to a complete team. Additionally, he is accountable for comprehending and expressing the clients' requirements to the developers.

To prevent this error, it is necessary to understand that effective communication ensures the project's safety and that having a project manager in charge simplifies operations. It is critical to understand that the obligation for having a specialist does not rest entirely with the partner offering the service, unless you lack this sort of skill in your team and wish to acquire it.

A project manager is not a substitute for an IT professional. A CTO, or chief technology officer, will also be critical to the team's success; without him, it will be difficult to meet all of the objectives.

Do it right - interview dedicated team

Finally, do not base your decision just on the offshore development company's name and reputation. Simply because a business is recognized and dependable does not signify it will meet your requirements or comprehend your objectives. Thus, you should avoid being complacent and do thorough interviews with every dedicated developers you recruit.

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Hiring a professional development team comes with far more benefits than drawbacks. You can benefit from the outsourced specialists skills, knowledge, and experience. At the same time, you lower development and operational costs, have less legal responsibilities and paperwork, less recruitment headache, increased output, and more flexibility.

You can also save a lot of money by using this outsourcing approach because you won't have to pay for onboarding or legal fees, which are generally involved with recruiting new employees.