Top 20 PropTech Accelerators — Connecting Startups with Mentors and Investors

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Top 20 PropTech Accelerators — Connecting Startups with Mentors and Investors

Proptech is an umbrella term for companies exploiting new and innovative tech solutions that can be applied to the real estate industry. The core focus of proptech startups is to make transactions, leasing, construction, and asset management easier for property constructors, holders, sellers, and buyers.

In 2020, nearly $24 billion in venture capital poured into PropTech software. The segment is so large that Venture Capital and industry leaders create specialized accelerator programs around the world that connect startups with mentors and capital.

Among hundreds of these Accelerators, we filtered out of the Top 20 Accelerators for PropTech Startup founders who want an elevated kickstart growth. These PropTech accelerators provide a gateway for startups to reach potential investors and stakeholders who are willing to invest in this innovative technology.

Proptech Accelerators in the United States

Colliers International

Colliers is a professional investment management company that is operational in over 67 countries. They collaborated with TechStars to offer a PropTech Accelerator program which has been serving startups in the Proptech Industry.

In the two years since the accelerator's inception, Colliers has invested in the innovation of 19 early-stage companies and partnered with Techstars to provide them with more than 150 mentors. The hugely successful program gave these companies access to over 1,000 Colliers professionals, clients, and technology investors.

Due to Covid-19, the Real Estate agency is moving towards more digital solutions with the help of PropTech companies, and Colliers already contributed to the success of many such startups, including ADEx, A Retail Space, FastOffice and Finneo.

The Colliers Proptech Accelerator Powered by Techstars program planned for the 2020 year has been moved to 2021 for health and safety reasons related to COVID-19. Many new PropTech startups are expected to be added to this year’s accelerator program.

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UpWard Labs

Upward comes with a dual focus in the market with a mission to kickstart the PropTech and AgeTech startups in the US. The perk of the Upward accelerator is that they pick the innovative startups and then connect them to the decision-makers from Fortune Top 100 or 500 companies.

The advisors and the startup teams work collaboratively on their PropTech projects to develop a prototype. They currently have around 50 PropTech and AgeTech startups in their portfolio who successfully launched their product after raising funds and working with top-most advisors from the industry.

They have their Lab in Hartford, CT which is considered as the most optimal location for these startups to work. Their program lasts for around 6 months with a total of six stages. The first stage is Bootcamp which goes all the way up to Fundraising and Demo Day.

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Fifth Wall

Fifth Wall is an early-stage venture capital firm founded in Venice, California, that invests in startups and innovators in construction and real estate fields. The company is backed by large construction and real estate companies, and they provide an accelerator program as a vehicle for early-stage investment.

Through the program, entrepreneurs will not only test out their ideas, but they will also have connections to investors and the industry’s best mentors from the top companies.

They have already invested $60 million in multiple startups, including Opendoor and Clutter. VC funds are a significant portion of Fifth Wall's investors.

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The AREA Accelerator is one of the world’s leading providers of technology for the real estate industry. They have thus far selected six startups to compete in their incubator program.

Daniel Rose, the founder of AREA, is a serial entrepreneur best known for developing Pentagon City in Washington and One Financial Center in Boston, in addition to several prominent New York buildings.

For this incubator program, they chose six startups, including Tobly (a marketplace for construction equipment), Zoner (a software for geo-zoning optimization), Founder House (a New York co-living community aimed at fostering entrepreneurs), and. Urbanr (property listing platform), AtlasX (platform to align the commercial real estate acquisition), and Spacio (Residential Broker’s Lead Management) are included in their portfolio.

Accelerator Investments

MetaProp NYC

MetaProp offers 22-week program funding up to $250,000 as well as center-city office space in the center of NYC's real estate/technology startup community. The investors offer a minimum $50,000 investment as well as a possibility to invest up to $200,000. Their equity stake will vary between 3-6% based on the stage of the company.

The RE200 program also enables startups to collect valuable mentorship from industry experts from across the real estate spectrum, including finance, basement tech, brokerage, development and consumer, data and analytics, and special uses.

MetaProp NYC currently has hundreds of companies in their portfolio and they also have some solid partnerships with AltusGroup, Bosa Properties, Capita Land, etc.

Accelerator Investments

PlugAndPlay Tech Center

PlugAndPlay is a well-known platform that enables startups to connect with big corporations throughout the world. They run over 50 accelerator programs throughout different cities targeting multiple tech domains.

The venture is also focused on the Corporate innovation of over 400 leading corporations in the world. Out of their filtered startups, the PlugAndPlay invests in around 260 companies every year with the support of other powerful VC investors.

Accordion to PlugAndPlay’s 2020 Report, they organized more than 1000 events in the last year, out of which 94% were virtual due to pandemic situations. They also added 100 new corporate partners to their portfolio in 2020 alone. A whooping 2,065 startups were also accelerated in the recent year.

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Proptech Accelerators in Europe

Pi Labs Venture

Pi Labs is also heavily invested in Proptech with its portfolio of over 50 companies. The venture is considered the most active PropTech accelerator that is continuously adding more PropTech companies to expand their portfolio.

The current gross value of their portfolio stands around 450m £ with over 30 founder nationalities. Some of their biggest PropTech startup investments include companies like Ask Porter, Plentific, Propfolio, Propoly, Propster, and Realyse.

The VC of Pi Labs also recently invested a huge sum of £3.5M in an Israeli location intelligence provider. This is certainly their first huge investment with an Israeli startup that is directed towards the enhancement of Real Estate as a Global Asset Class.

The CEO of Pi Labs added five PropTech companies to their Portfolio back in March 2021. According to Faisal Butt (CEO, Pi Labs), they filtered out these five potential startups after carefully reviewing over 1,100 plus applications.

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The PropTechLab is a Belgian-based community of Real Estate investors and innovators who collaborate together to raise startups in the PropTech industry. Many startups that worked with PropTechLabs are very positive about the outcomes, and according to the CEO of successful startup Urbest, PropTechLab plays an amazing role as a responsible third party.

The PropTechLab has arranged over 32 events so far, and they also have upcoming events planned for 2021. These events include Awards, Fairs, Summits, Breakfasts and Inspiration Days.

As a PropTech Startup accelerator, they provide a range of solutions and services including advice on the processes automation, templates library, script, business engineering, operational practices, growth strategy, and fundraising opportunities.

They facilitated many PorpTech startups, including PriceHubble, Propstreet, ReadAdvise, RealToDesk, PlanyAard, and more. The interviews from many of these PropTech startups can be found on their Interview Directory.

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This accelerator is more focused on Smart City and IoT concepts within PropTech. This is an Amsterdam-based Smart City Accelerator that aims to help innovative startups who are developing small solutions for Cities and PropTech in general.

They have a strong Alumni Network that is accessible by the partners upon the completion of their program. This program helps startups to raise investment, hiring, and PR opportunities along with mentorship and partnerships.

For their first Amsterdam-based Media Accelerator, the StartupBootCamp choose around 11 startups that came up with innovative ideas. These startups include Wedio, Streamix, PromoMii, and many more.

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It is a german-based accelerator that aims to digitalize the construction and real estate industry with the help of PropTech startups. The BlackPrint was founded back in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the real estate industry for a sustainable society.

Recently, they carried out a study in collaboration with TH Aschaffenburg and brickalize that focused on PropTech in Germany. The study provides great insights regarding the current market situation and challenges that the real estate industry is facing.

They partnered up with some of the top-notch real estate and construction companies from all across Germany to form a large network and alumni that can be utilized by the new innovative PropTech startups.

They also have an upcoming REAL PropTech 2021 Conference event that will emphasize on the current situation of real estate along with the ideas for digitization. They also previously held one of the mega REAL PropTech pitches events where startups participated and pitched their ideas. A total of 262 startups took part in this event.

Accelerator Investments

Many Proptech Startups won Awards and Investments after their Pitches. These startups include alonco GmbH, Schüttflix, Rockethome and Simplifa.

Impact Accelerator

The impact is one of the leading accelerators in the world with its wide portfolio that has companies from different sectors. The impact is not entirely focused on PropTech but they once collaborated with Merlin Properties to offer startups an Accelerator platform for PropTech only.

Merlin is a Spanish real estate company that collaborated with IDSI led Impact accelerator, and the deal was to select nine startups for a single month acceleration program. These total 9 companies were further analyzed to pick the top three for mentoring and awards.

The top three companies selected in the accelerator received a prize of €20,000 each while the rest of the three received €10,000 each. To this date, Impact is considered one of the biggest accelerators in Spain and Europe.

They funded a total of 154 startups with a total amount of €45M. They also have a pretty strong Mentors network that includes officials and executives from the Fortune 500 companies.

Accelerator Investments

LauncHub Ventures

The Lanchub Ventures is a venture capital fund that focuses on tech startups from multiple domains such as SaaS, Fintech, Proptech, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, and IoT. They only invest in startups that are in the Seed or Series A phase with an initial investment ranging from €500K to €2M.

They mainly focus on South-Eastern Europe and the broader CEE region startups to participate in their accelerator programs. Until now,, they have successfully invested in over 130 startups and 4 of them took the exit. The Launhub itself is a Bulgarian-based accelerator with a diverse tech portfolio.

Many Startup founders from their accelerator raised additional funding of over €78M from the angel investors. Some of their successful startups from various tech domains include Connecto, CloudPipes, CleanShelf, BGMenu, etc.

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European PropTech Association

The association comes with a main goal to improve the European PropTech economy so that they can enable the use of new PropTech technologies with the help of a legal framework. They are taking in startups for fundraising in the PropTech space.

They divided PropTech startups into various sub-categories, and each of these categories includes its own set of winners. These categories include; Design & Build, Finance & Invest, Market & Transact, Live & Work and Manage & Operate. ‘

They also recently announced the third edition of PropTech Startup & Scale-up Europe awards where various PropTech startups will take part from the defined sub-categories to win awards and raise funds.

The winners will receive a sum of 10.000 € in services along with the complete guide to apply for EU funding programs such as Horizon 2020. These winners are also to be listed on PropTech House for more visibility. Free access to the workplace is also granted for 1 year in Brussels.

Accelerator Investments

EuraTechnologies PropTech Incubator

EurTechnologies offer Incubator and Accelerator for national and international startups who are willing to develop a startup team or raise funds from investors. Eura also previously launched their PropTech incubator that is directed towards all PropTech startups with innovative ideas to make Real Estate 4.0 a reality.

This Incubator program is co-supported by the Eura partners Maille’Immo. There is a 12-months line-up path decided for the startups were the first three months are devoted to creating an MVP. Moreover, there are coaching sessions, workshops, and mentoring sessions with executives from top-level companies.

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Accelerator Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Accelerator is another technology-focused startup fund that not only raises potential tech startups but also provides them great exposure in the German market. They are mostly hunting for B2B startups that are already in the functional stage. The accelerator polish these startups by giving them a boost.

The core focus of this accelerator is on Tech Startups from Fintech, InsureTech, Cybersecurity, PropTech, or Blockchain domain. They offer international scalability to such startups that are already generating their initial income.

They train over 500 startups per year and only 5-8 startups actually become a part of their market program. Accelerator Frankfurt connects potential startups with huge investors to receive large fundings. The overall program will also give you over 200 hours of consultation and knowledge regarding different corners of marketing, taxation, communication, and user experience.

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Acccoi has been around since 2012,. and it is supporting accelerator programs by partnering with corporates. The Acccoi aims to offer an asset-based innovation consultancy to the companies with its 9 different workflows and 1500+ templates.

These templates and workflows assist customer teams to work efficiently and produce digital business results. They offer Corporate Accelerators and Co-Innovation programs where startups can collaborate with the corporations to bring extraordinary results and investments from VCs. The Innovation Library at Acccoi defines the exact Methodology of Acccoi along with its mission.

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Proptech Accelerators in Asia


Adapt is an Asian-based PropTech Accelerator that provides an Ecosystem for startups who are working on Property Development and Property Technology. ADAPT is a venture of IQI Global and they collaboratively provide a Proptech-focused Accelerator to help potential Startups grown in this space with their innovative ideas.

The Accelerator aims to connect entrepreneurs, service providers to the consumer groups that are already settled in the property market. The ADAPT is a fairly new venture that is currently developing its ecosystem for Asian PropTech development.

They are trying to impress agents, homeowners, and buyers by applying the latest technologies such as the latest 3D, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality to revolutionize the property sales market.

PropTech Zone

The PropTech Zone is also contributing its part to the innovation of real estate and property. It is an Israeli-based Accelerator that successfully completed its first batch for PropTech startups and now it is moving towards the 2021 batch where many new startups will participate.

They also have a few upcoming events in near-future including “PropTech Asia & Beyond Summit” and “PropTech Vienna”. Batch 2 is currently in progress and applications have been closed since February. However, new applicants will be able to apply in their 2022 batch after the completion of batch 2.

They have over 800 startups listed on their website and they actually funded many of them during their first batch. Among these startups, there are 126 companies that actually reached the professional stage.

Accelerator Investments

Brigade REAP

REAP (Real Estate Accelerator Program) is a startup accelerator program that identifies and enhances startups of the Real Estate industry with a focus on the latest technology and helping them scale their startup by raising investments.

The Startup has a core focus on new and developing companies that fall in the real estate, retail, and hospitality industries. Many startups already received funding with their innovative ideas in the very first batch of Brigade REAP.

The PropTech related startups that received funding include AirZaar (which uses drone sensor data & aerial images), Qwikspec (Construction Management software with a mobile-based platform), and Snaptrude (Automated CAD application and solutions for real estate).

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All these PropTech accelerators can potentially kickstart your startup if you have an innovative PropTech software idea. Moreover, not all of these accelerators are entirely focused on PropTech, some of them are focusing on multiple tech domains too. You can choose one according to your own targeted market for your PropTech product or solution.