Top 7 Smart Building Software Solutions [2023 Review]

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Top 7 Smart Building Software Solutions [2023 Review]

In every industry, there's a rising dedication to sustainability, decreased energy usage, and improved operational efficiency. Smart building software solutions play a central role in driving this transformation, helping buildings operate at their utmost efficiency while upholding sustainability goals. The integration of IoT and other advanced technologies with building maintenance has unlocked the potential for real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and seamless operations.

In this article, we'll shed light on why businesses are rapidly embracing these smart platforms for building maintenance, monitoring and management. We'll also share the top 7 platforms that are setting the standard in 2023. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the leading options and be ready to take a step towards your own platform selection.

Why Are Businesses Adopting Smart Building Software Platforms?

As businesses seek more efficient and sustainable operations, the demand for smart building solutions is on the rise. Businesses of all sizes are turning to smart building PropTech software to streamline operations, reduce energy consumption, and lower costs. Additionally, predictive maintenance features help prevent equipment failures, reducing downtime and expenses.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced predictive analytics for proactive building maintenance, preventing potential setbacks and minimizing operational disruptions
  • Efficient smart energy monitoring, optimizing consumption, and significantly reducing costs, promoting energy-efficient buildings
  • Elevated building safety standards through advanced security surveillance systems
  • Rapid issue identification and response with automated alert systems, ensuring seamless operations and minimal downtime

Top 7 Smart Building Solutions [2023 Review]

In 2023, businesses of all sizes are leveraging smart IoT infrastructure to enhance tenant comfort, optimize energy consumption, and reduce operational costs. The transition from conventional building management to intelligent, interconnected spaces signifies a major leap in the real estate and facility management sector. In this section we’ll share the top 7 software options to help you to leverage the best smart building software.


A smart building platform that uses AI-powered sensors and analytics to optimize the use of space, improve employee experience, and reduce operational costs.

What you need to know:

  • Provides real-time data and insights on space utilization, occupancy, density, social distancing, and more
  • Offers a dashboard that allows users to monitor and manage their buildings, floors, and rooms from anywhere
  • Includes features such as alerts, reports, recommendations, integrations, and APIs
Who it’s for: Facility managers, real estate teams, and corporate leaders seeking sensor-based workspace analytics to optimize building usage, improve employee experiences, and drive operational efficiency.


Cloud-based software solution for repairs and maintenance management in the property sector.

What you need to know:

  • Offers a range of products that cater to different needs and challenges of property management, such as tenant repair reporting, planned maintenance, contractor management, and compliance tracking
  • Helps property managers improve their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance by streamlining the end-to-end repair and maintenance process
  • Has a global presence, with over 1.6 million units worldwide, 150,000+ repair and maintenance tasks processed monthly, and 120,000+ users across 14 time zones
Who it’s for: Property managers, landlords, and housing associations requiring a centralized repair and maintenance reporting system to efficiently manage and resolve property issues.


Cloud-native software solution for carbon data management and sustainability.

What you need to know:

  • Offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools for reducing energy costs and improving sustainability
  • Helps energy and facility managers automate their carbon accounting workflow
  • Automates sustainability reporting, using ESG frameworks such as CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD, and more to generate reports
Who it’s for: Businesses and commercial property managers that need to integrate building management systems that combine lighting and IoT technology for enhanced space utilization and energy efficiency.


Connected operations platform for smart buildings.

What you need to know:

  • Offers a connected operations platform for smart buildings, providing unified O&M applications powered by a no-code IoT overlay platform
  • Designed to deliver time and cost-saving efficiency in building operations
  • Serves various industries, including commercial real estate corporate enterprises, and retail FM services
Who it’s for: Commercial real estate owners and facility management teams aiming for a unified operations platform to optimize building performance, energy efficiency, and tenant comfort.

Siemens Industrial IoT - Insights Hub

Smart building IoT maintenance tool that helps you optimize your building performance and operations.

What you need to know:

  • Connects your existing building systems and devices to the cloud, enabling remote monitoring and control.
  • Leverages advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to provide insights and recommendations for energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and security.
  • Integrates with other Siemens solutions and third-party applications to create a holistic digital ecosystem for your building.
Who it’s for: Building owners, operators, managers, and service providers who want to improve their building performance and reduce operational costs.

Accruent Vx Observe

Energy management system that helps you monitor, control, and optimize your energy consumption and performance.

What you need to know:

  • Connects your entire building systems, devices, and sensors to a cloud-based platform that provides real-time data and analytics
  • Smart building apps users can remotely manage building operations, automate workflows, reduce costs, and improve efficiency
  • Integrates with your existing systems and supports multiple protocols, standards, and vendors
Who it’s for: Facility managers, energy managers, sustainability managers, and building owners who want to leverage the power of IoT to enhance their building performance and sustainability.


Smart building IoT maintenance tool that helps facility managers optimize their operations and reduce costs.

What you need to know:

  • Connects to sensors, meters, and devices in your building and collects real-time data on occupancy, comfort, energy, and performance
  • Uses artificial intelligence to analyze the data and generate actionable insights, alerts, and recommendations for maintenance and improvement
  • Enables you to automate workflows, prioritize tasks, assign work orders, and track progress and performance through a user-friendly dashboard
Who it’s for: Facility managers who want to increase the efficiency and productivity of their maintenance teams, enhance the comfort and satisfaction of their occupants, and reduce the environmental impact and operational costs of their buildings.

Who Can Benefit from Smart Building Technology?

Smart building software leverages advanced technology to provide real-time insights, analytics, and alerts regarding the operational efficiency and state of the building's systems. This proactive approach to maintenance not only ensures longevity for building components but also optimizes energy use and minimizes unexpected costs.

  • Building owners and investors: Building owners and investors can reap the benefits of smart building technology by reducing operational costs, prolonging system life, and ensuring optimal performance. Identifying and addressing issues early helps them avoid costly future repairs and replacements.
  • Facility managers: Facility managers can streamline operations with real-time insights and alerts from smart building apps and systems. This empowers them to prioritize maintenance tasks, predict system failures, and maintain efficient building systems.
  • Property management companies: Property management companies overseeing multiple properties can centralize oversight through smart maintenance monitoring. This ensures consistent building performance across their portfolio, adding value to property owners.
  • Energy managers and sustainability officers: Energy managers and sustainability officers can develop effective strategies to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon footprints, and achieve sustainability goals by accessing real-time data on building operations through smart building technology.
PRO TIP: When selecting smart building software, remember that off-the-shelf options may appear cost-effective initially. However, for specialized or unique business requirements, consider opting for a tailor-made solution. In the long run, the smart building software cost can be more economical with custom software designed to precisely meet your needs.


The adoption of smart building software solutions in 2023 reflects a transformative shift towards more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected building management. These platforms offer real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and seamless operation, addressing the evolving needs of businesses across various industries. By choosing the right smart building software, tailored to their specific requirements, organizations can maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the long-term sustainability of their facilities.

Looking for a more custom solution? Our PropTech software development team can build custom software that’s exactly tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll work with you to design a comprehensive strategy that caters to the unique needs of your business.