IT Recruitment in Poland: Kickstart Your Software Team in Poland

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IT Recruitment in Poland: Kickstart Your Software Team in Poland

When thinking about IT Recruitment, Poland is one of the most appealing countries to hire developers in Eastern Europe.

The IT sector in Poland is very competitive and there are many talented engineers competing for the best opportunities. This really pushes developers to challenge themselves. On top of that, cultural similarity, strong ethics, and affordable rates these qualities make Poland’s tech talent uniquely attractive for American and European companies looking to hire developers.

Why is it so hard to hire talented software developers?

Software developer roles are projected to grow 21% between 2019 and 2028 and this translates into 290,000 new software development jobs in the US alone.

How hard is it for an HR agency to source applicants for a software development job? If you post a software development job today you will have plenty of applicants. However, after a basic screening, you’ll be left with few viable choices and the real sense of a talent shortage.

Why choose IT Recruitment in Poland?

According to numerous statistics, Poland has around 250,000 programmers while the number of software developers in Central and Eastern Europe is close to one million. And most importantly, nearly 1/3 of the Polish IT job market focuses on international projects.

IT recruitment in Poland quick facts

  • Poland accounts for 25% of Central Eastern Europe's offshore programmer skills.

  • Around 15,000 students with a concentration in information and communication technologies graduate from Polish universities each year. Simultaneously, around 80,000 students are studying to become software engineers. This implies that the country receives an annual tidal wave of tech talent.

  • According to the Tholons Globalization Index 2021, Poland is placed 14th among the top 20 digital nations. Additionally, according to the same index, Krakow is among the top twenty super cities in terms of digital innovation.

  • Poland is ranked among the top 30 nations for offshore services by Gartner.

  • The Polish IT market is expanding at a steady rate of between 5%-10% per year.

Why is now the best time to hire Polish developers?

Polish developers have strong technology experience and can assist companies worldwide in implementing digital transformation. In 2019, Poland was ranked 5th in Harvard’s Business Review’s list of the most tech-skilled labor markets in the world.

Over the last fifteen years, Poland has strengthened its position as a leading European destination for IT recruitment thanks to:

A culture of innovation and self-initiative

The process of creating IT solutions has its own rules. Many factors determine its success. Poland was restricted economically by communism and this fostered a culture of resourcefulness (i.e. find ways to think differently and outside the system).

A good example of IT innovation is Poland's financial services sector. Polish banks are leaders of innovation and won 24 awards in 12 prestigious international competitions in 2012–2015.

This was possible thanks to high social acceptance of innovative solutions and a well-developed pool of excellent IT specialists. In Poland, 60 percent of smartphone owners have used mobile banking, ranking 3rd in Europe.

Value for money

While Poland should not be considered 'cheap,' it does represent excellent value for money. Relatively low wages are rising, but when you consider the level of technology professionals, cultural proximity, and service quality, Poland still represents incredible value for money.

Business leaders confirm it. Take a look at the results of business consulting company EY's survey on Poland's attractiveness – polish market top three assets to the business:

  • labor skills level (81% of survey respondents)
  • potential for productivity increase (78% respondents)
  • labor costs (listed by 45%)

That's a powerful combination of advantages for the polish job market.

Culturally aligned professionals

Polish workplace culture is strongly Western in nature. The working week is Monday to Friday, the average hours are compatible with 9 to 5. The public holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) are the same.

Almost 30% of Polish people speak English. Poland's general level of English proficiency is high to very high, compared to other Central Eastern European and Asian offshore destinations.

How to kickstart your software team in Poland

Most businesses use a mix of recruitment services to find senior developers. Platforms like Upwork, Fivver, and Toptal connect you to freelancers. However, you will be in charge of sourcing, screening applications, interviewing, and managing the project.

SoftKraft, for example, can do all the tedious work for you. Using a software development house also helps you manage the software development team and can help you bring in talent for a limited time, like designers. Training and development, performance reviews, mentoring, and quality management are all handled by software development houses.

Choose a software house, recruitment agency or freelance platform carefully craft your job advert. Here are some immediate steps you can take to find candidates in Poland:

Be very clear in your expectations

Clearly set your goals, like whether you require part-time or full-time assistance. Be candid about your work style, how you want things handled, and the characteristics you value most in team members. Polish IT recruitment partner can help you crystallize ideal candidates’ profiles.

Network with local software development companies

It takes years to build out networks of great candidates. These networks have candidates that are not found on job boards, as they do not need to post their resumes. IT recruitment agency in Poland has a network of qualified candidates that no one else has access to.

Look for niche agency, capable of developing talent

Look for niche custom software development that focuses on a specific technology. Their laser beam recruitment focus and screening methods allow them to pinpoint exactly where the best talent can be found. It is highly probable that they have a pool of candidates who occasionally worked with a particular technology and can become specialed quickly.

When should you consider IT recruitment partner in Poland?

Poland has a wealth of experienced specialists, but competition for top talent is fierce. It's not uncommon for candidates to receive multiple job offers, and salary isn't always the most important factor in their decision.

Here are a few scenarios where working with a custom software development company from Poland brings significant benefits if you're looking to hire remote tech talent:

You are short on time

IT Staff augmentation is the quickest way to hire an outstanding candidate for a specific project or for a specific time period if you're looking for help with a specific project or for a specific time period. IT recruitment partner in Poland can provide you with a list of contract workers who can start right away and provide you with the specific skills you require.

You can't seem to fill the vacancy

Software houses in Poland spend years developing their IT industry network and talent pools so they waste no time on the heavy lifting tasks of sourcing and prescreening talent. Their employer branding will ensure that they not only meet your skill requirements but also would be a great fit for your company culture.

There's been high turnover for the role

The recruitment process takes a long time and money to screen, hire, and onboard new employees. To break the cycle, a software development company partner can help you audit what's causing the turnover (technical depth?), recruit and vet the right candidates.

You have a lot of positions to fill

For start-ups that just got another round of funding or are entering a growth period, an IT recruitment agency in Poland can strategically help you hire next technology professionals. Poland’s IT outsourcing sector is made up of roughly 800 business service centers that employ more than 150,000 specialists.

You need to fill a highly specialized or critical technical role

Top talent rarely looks for work, enticing them to switch jobs is a better way to secure them. Software development companies spend years building their talent network in order to have these insights. They know which candidates to interview and how to position the role to appeal to a particular candidate.

Recruitment process with SoftKraft

With Team Augmentation, our team becomes an integral part of your team. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need. They immerse themselves in your project, maintain your company culture, and work in line with your strategic goals.


When thinking to hire developers, Poland is one of the most appealing countries to hire developers in Eastern Europe. At SoftKraft, our customer-centric approach, HR services, and remote-first approach allow us to attract the best talent in Poland and scale your team on-demand to meet your business needs. Hire Polish programmers with our team augmentation.