IT Recruitment in Poland: Kickstart Your Software Team in Poland

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IT Recruitment in Poland: Kickstart Your Software Team in Poland

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly looking to fill their IT staffing gaps in Poland, and it’s no surprise why. Offering a strong value for money along with a flexible, highly skilled workforce, Poland stands out as a top player in the global software development market, ranking third worldwide - and first in Europe.

In this article, we'll equip you five tips to streamline the IT recruitment process and kickstart your software team in Poland.

Why are companies choosing IT recruitment in Poland?

The IT industry in Poland is experiencing rapid growth, making it a highly sought-after destination for companies seeking software development services. With over 400,000 developers, Poland boasts the largest developer talent pool in Eastern Europe and ranks third globally in software development services.

This surge in demand for software development in Poland can be attributed to several key factors:

A culture of innovation and self-initiative

Poland's appeal as a destination for IT services is strengthened by its culture of innovation and self-initiative. Shaped by economic constraints during the era of communism, Poland fostered a culture of resourcefulness, encouraging individuals to think differently and explore solutions outside conventional systems

A good example of IT innovation is Poland's financial services sector. Polish banks are leaders of innovation and won 24 awards in 12 prestigious international competitions in 2012–2015. This was possible thanks to high social acceptance of innovative solutions and a well-developed pool of excellent IT specialists.

Value for money

While Poland should not be considered 'cheap,' it does represent excellent value for money. Relatively low wages are rising, but when you consider the level of technology professionals, cultural proximity, and service quality, Poland still represents incredible value for money, especially for companies located in the US, UK, or Western Europe.

And, this value isn’t just theoretical. Business leaders confirm it. The business consulting company EY conducted a survey and found that the Polish market offered these top three assets to businesses:

  • Skills level (81% of survey respondents)
  • Potential for productivity increase (78% respondents)
  • Labor costs (listed by 45%)

That's a powerful combination of advantages.

Culturally aligned professionals

Polish workplace culture is strongly Western in nature. The working week is Monday to Friday, the average hours are compatible with 9 to 5. The public holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) are the same.

Over 60% of Polish people speak English. Poland's general level of English proficiency is high to very high, compared to other Central Eastern European and Asian offshore destinations. This enhances collaboration, making Poland an even more attractive choice for organizations seeking IT services.

When should you consider IT recruitment in Poland?

As we’ve seen, considering recruitment services in Poland can be a strategic move for organizations looking to bolster their technical capabilities through development and outsourcing. In particular, Poland can be a good fit for IT services when:

You are short on time

IT Staff augmentation is the quickest way to fill a gap on your project team. Whether you require additional software engineers, or even an interim leader for your IT organization, Poland offers a responsive solution to address immediate resource shortages. An IT recruitment partner in Poland can provide you with a list of contract workers who can start right away and provide you with the specific skills you require.

You can't seem to fill the vacancy

IT recruitment in Poland becomes a compelling option when your organization struggles to fill a vacant IT position. Despite rigorous efforts, if you find it challenging to locate the right candidate locally, Poland's vast reservoir of IT talent can offer a solution.

With a diverse range of specialized skills and expertise readily available, you can overcome recruitment hurdles and ensure that your critical IT roles are filled with qualified professionals. This approach can help your organization stay on track with its technology projects and maintain a competitive edge.

There's been high turnover for the role

When the recruitment process consumes significant time and resources, including screening, hiring, and onboarding, partnering with a software development company in Poland can be a strategic move. Such partnerships can help you break the cycle of lengthy and costly recruitment. Additionally, they excel at recruiting and vetting the right candidates efficiently, saving your organization valuable time and resources while ensuring a steady influx of qualified talent.

You have a lot of positions to fill

When your organization has numerous IT job openings, whether you're a startup that just secured funding or an established company in a growth phase, teaming up with an IT recruitment agency in Poland is a wise option. You can collaborate with the agency to identify gaps in your internal team through staff augmentation while you build your in-house workforce. Whether you see the Polish job market as a temporary solution for hiring or a long-term strategy, it can be a beneficial choice to address your staffing needs effectively.

You need to fill a highly specialized or critical technical role

Poland's wide array of IT staff skill sets can be a valuable resource for organizations looking to address software development or IT skill gaps like DevOps consultants, data engineering experts, or AI developers. Moreover, Poland's talent pool allows you the flexibility to hire short-term professionals, including those for strategy consulting or other specialized roles, who can not only contribute directly but also help train your existing staff and align with your long-term business objectives.

Most common hiring models to fill IT gaps

When contemplating IT recruitment in Poland, it's essential to define the hiring model that aligns with your goals. While some recruitment agencies may provide both options, others specialize in one particular model. Clarity about your preferences is key to finding the perfect fit. The two most common hiring models are:

Staff augmentation with an IT recruitment agency

Staff augmentation involves adding specialized professionals to your existing team for temporary or project-specific needs. This approach is ideal for short-term projects, filling immediate skill gaps, or reaching specific project goals without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees. With staff augmentation, your team typically takes on project management responsibilities, providing you with more control over the project's direction and execution, while leveraging the specialized skills of the augmented team members.

Key advantages of staff augmentation in Poland:

  • Rapid scalability: Quickly add qualified IT professionals to your existing team without the standard recruitment, onboarding, and training.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Minimize overhead costs associated with full-time employees as well as the cost burden of committing long-term to a full, dedicated team.
  • Flexibility to scale up and down: As your needs change, your agency can readily adjust the size and composition of your augmented team.

Dedicated team with an IT outsourcing company

A dedicated team model involves establishing a long-term partnership with a development house or IT provider in Poland. This team operates as an extension of your organization, working on your projects and aligning with your goals and culture. This approach is well-suited for complex, ongoing projects or when you need continuous IT support and development.

Key advantages of a dedicated team in Poland:

  • Deep integration: A dedicated team typically integrates more deeply into your organization's culture and processes than they would with staff augmentation.
  • Long-term commitment: Ideal for ongoing projects, a dedicated team provides sustained commitment to your organization’s success.
  • Inherited relationships: You inherit existing trust and working relationships among team members, which can lead to smoother collaboration and project continuity.

PRO TIP: Although less common, you could also consider using a managed services model, where you partner with an IT service provider to handle specific aspects of your IT operations and management. This works well for organizations seeking to offload certain IT functions or systems.

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3 tips to streamline the IT recruitment process

Finding top talent swiftly can make all the difference for the success of your IT initiatives.

Here are five key tips to help you streamline your IT recruitment process and secure the best-fit IT professionals for your projects:

Choose an outsourcing model strategically

Selecting the right outsourcing model is a critical step in optimizing your IT recruitment process and ensuring the success of your projects. It's vital to align this choice with your internal team's capabilities and your organization's broader objectives. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Duration and scope: Consider the scope of the work - if it’s more project based or more ongoing IT support that you’re after. Staff augmentation is well-suited for short-term, focused projects, while a dedicated team model is best if you seek long-term collaboration.
  • Resource Scalability: Evaluate both short-term and long-term resource needs. If your IT requirements fluctuate or are unpredictable, IT staff augmentation provides the flexibility to scale your team as needed. In contrast, a dedicated team offers a more consistent and stable resource pool, ideal for continuous support and complex, ongoing projects.
  • Risk tolerance and control: Assess your organization's risk tolerance and the level of control you want over project execution. A dedicated team model provides greater control and minimizes risks, as the team becomes an extension of your organization. IT staff augmentation offers flexibility but may involve a higher level of risk management as you retain more project oversight and responsibility.
PRO TIP: If you have a one-off IT or development project and would prefer to have the agency project manage it for you, consider software development outsourcing. With outsourcing, you can leverage the expertise and experience of the agency to oversee the entire project lifecycle, from planning and development to testing and delivery. This approach allows you to focus on your core business activities while the agency handles all aspects of project management and execution.

Look for niche agency, capable of developing talent

It's essential to seek out a niche software HR agency with expertise in developing talent. A specialized agency that understands the intricacies of the local Polish IT market can provide valuable insights and access to a pool of qualified candidates. Look for an agency with a track record of identifying and nurturing talent through mentorship programs, skills development initiatives, or customized recruitment strategies.

This approach will not only help you find the right candidates more efficiently but also ensure their long-term growth and success within your organization. By investing in agencies committed to nurturing and developing their staff, you not only identify short-term staffing solutions but also build a team with reduced turnover, ultimately fostering your organization's sustained success in the competitive Polish IT market.

PRO TIP: Initiate open conversations with potential IT vendors, sharing your short-term and long-term IT needs. These discussions will not only help you gauge their ability to meet your evolving requirements but also foster transparency and alignment, setting the foundation for a productive and enduring partnership.

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Network with local IT companies

If your leading IT recruitment agency lacks the precise technical expertise you need, consider establishing and nurturing relationships with local software development companies can prove to be a strategic move in your IT recruitment efforts. They are integrated into software developer community and can grant you access to hidden talent pools and senior developers that may not be actively pursuing job opportunities on traditional recruitment platforms.

PRO TIP: Finding a software development partner might seem a little intimidating at first, in part due to the vast number of software development companies ready to deliver their services. However, the best tech talent is busy. That is why you need to be prepared to put effort into finding a good development partner.

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IT recruitment process with SoftKraft

With IT staff augmentation, our team becomes an integral part of your team. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need. They immerse themselves in your project, maintain your company culture, and work in line with your strategic goals.


Poland's thriving IT industry, innovative culture, and competitive value proposition make it a compelling destination for IT recruitment and software development. Whether you're facing software developers shortages, high turnover, or require experienced specialists, Poland offers responsive solutions. With the right approach, you can efficiently build a high-performing software development team in Poland to drive your projects to success.